"Riding the Roller Coaster Part of the attraction between the two of you involves the electric…"

Riding the Roller Coaster

Part of the attraction between the two of you involves the electric quality of instability and mental awakening which you bring into your partner’s life. Although this may at times be quite disturbing to you both, it is nevertheless a powerful component in what draws you together. There is something about your essential nature, with its high ideals and strong desire for perfection, which excites and fascinates Brad, for you open up facets of life and of your partner’s personality of which he has probably previously had little experience. You in turn are drawn to a quality of originality and spirit of which he might not have been fully aware, but which attracts you like a flower does a bee. But your partner may not always welcome the stirring of this more unconventional side of his nature, and the feeling of moving into an unknown world of ideas and experiences may bring up powerful feelings of anxiety in him. This anxiety is a natural human reaction to change, for it is likely that you, willingly or unwillingly, will eventually be the catalyst for major changes in his world-view and the ways in which he expresses himself. Brad may need to be aware of his tendency toward abrupt and compulsive withdrawals because of his anxiety.

The unpredictable element which the two of you experience is rather like a fluctuating electrical current, and it may lead to crises and separations; for you are like a pair of magnets, sometimes attracting and sometimes repelling. But if you and your partner can recognise that perhaps this element is needed in both your lives, and that you can help to free each other from many old attitudes and outworn habits, you will both be able to manage the challenge you pose each other with greater confidence and trust in yourselves.


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