So called "female trainwrecks"

So called "female trainwrecks":

Obviously when I saw the headline on this I shouldn’t have read any further, but for real wtf. There’s SO MUCH WRONG with this preachy piece but the inclusion of Marie Calloway is beyond. Marie writes about her sex life, so that’s “humiliating?” It’s self-destructive? It’s on a par with smoking angel dust and writing for Vice which are also apparently not proper behaviors or topics for a lady. YOU COULD END UP LIKE JUDY GARLAND. 

Oh and also, the writer sneers because she thinks Marie’s work is “money driven.” IT’S ALMOST LIKE SHE IS A PROSTITUTE. Writers should never ever write for money, I suppose. I’m sure the author of this piece doesn’t do that, even though she’s doing the most profitable thing ever—putting down other women, with little knowledge and a whole lot of moral judgment (sex! and drugs! oh my!).

I’ve met Marie, and spent time with her, and I can tell you she’s about as far as a “train wreck” as you can get and even if she was one, shut the fuck up. Jesus. There is nothing I despise more than people who assume they know other people’s motivations, except for people who bring their own crappy prejudices to decide what’s feminist and what isn’t.

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