So we have manifested this fantastic character on Covert…

So we have manifested this fantastic character on Covert Affairs, a super-cheesy spy show I watch at the gym. Her name is Linda Wells and she says stuff like:

“It diminishes the both of us when you run to a man to help solve our problems.”

And has conversations like:

“I will treat you as an equal. One of Langley’s many double standards that does not exist in my division is a false hierarchy.”

“Are there others?”

“Yes. For example male operatives are encouraged to sleep with assets for intel, females, not so much. They’re worried we’ll get too emotional.”

“No one has ever put it that way before.”

“That’s because you’re a woman.”

Obvie all the male spies hate her. She does seem nuts, apart from her engaging misandry, but working collectively within the CIA and hating men is totally ace insurrection.

She’s also the only female character who consistently wears pants.

ETA: I forgot, I love this photo because you can see my hand which is only fair since she is our creation.

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