Important: Jane Doe #225: I can understand why someone wouldn’t call themselves a feminist

Important: Jane Doe #225: I can understand why someone wouldn't call themselves a feminist:

I see feminists who don’t think trans women are real women and use the wrong pronouns all the time. I see someone totally disregarding the feelings of pwd by constantly saying things like crazy . When they get called out on it all the other feminists hold their hand and try to convince they are good people but they ignore the feelings of pwd. The same argument over hijabs happen without any input from Muslim women.

Feminist isn’t about empowering already privileged women. But that is what it seems like. Actions speak louder than words, being a feminist doesn’t mean you get a pass when saying something oppressive. Part of being a feminist actually means owning up to your mistakes, apologizing and never doing it again. It also means actually trying to learn about other oppressions.

Basically what I’m saying is, feminism isn’t Reganomics. Trying to focus on white cisgender middle to upper class heterosexual women won’t trickle down to marginalized groups. Looking at it from the outside I can understand why someone wouldn’t call themselves a feminist because why would  anyone want to be included in a group where they actively try to deny your existence?

You can have feminist values without actually calling yourself a feminist.

So yeah there goes my rant.

It’s frustrating when a movement that I see as trying to end inequalities often perpetuates other ones.

I still call myself a feminist, because I do believe in feminism at it’s core (and I think these values fit in perfectly with being against racism, transphobia, ableism, etc.) I think that feminism is about ending oppression in regards to gender, but to be successful you need to end others as well. —femonster:

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