bcaheritage: “long-lost boyfriends should stay lost…” When…


“long-lost boyfriends should stay lost…”

When looking for advice the Dear Maisie page of 1960s magazine Flamingo is always a good place to start. 

Flamingo was launched 1961, from its offices in Charlton St, London NW1. Its first issue noted the 350,000 West Indian’s then living in Britain and stated that “up till now these Negro citizens of Britain have been denied a Voice.”

Edited by Edward Scobie, contributors included George Lamming, Jan Carew, founder of the BCA Len Garrison and Sydney Poitier. Flamingo closed in 1963.

BCA’s collection includes over 200 periodical titles published by Black communities in Britain, over half are unique to the BCA and can not be found in any other collection in the UK. 

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I love this so much. I wonder why they called it Flamingo. (I mean, there are some obvious reasons but still)

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