jasminethey: People who wonder why people collect receipts in the first place don’t seem to realize…


People who wonder why people collect receipts in the first place don’t seem to realize that the people who do so are often victims of abuse. We have been through gaslighting tactics. Some of us don’t trust our memories so well. So we need proof, receipts to keep re jogging our memories and making sure we’re not being gaslighted and we are in fact right about someone attempting to abuse us or someone else.

Some of us even keep notes on the things that happen to us in our day to day life just to make sure we have proof that we’re being abused. This is for US not for someone else but for us. If you’ve never been in a situation where someone has attempted to twist your own memories into thinking you were at fault, you will not understand our constant need to keep proof and to keep checking them.

Receipts are fucking important to some of us. I’d appreciate it if people would stop making posts about how useless they are and how they split the community. You are fucking WRONG. Receipts don’t keep someone from being educated because they still have all their shit laid out in public. It’s not something that limits the growth of a person.

You want to grow? You can grow. You can MAKE that effort. But DO NOT fucking assume that the victim will trust you or will forgive you for the shit that you’ve done in the past. That is their right. You can grow all you want but some of us will still be suspicious of you, we’ll still be vary of you and your motives. You can bitch and moan about how this limits the growth of a person but I don’t really give a fuck. You see people like us believe abusers very rarely change. And we have seen that time and time again. So you can excuse us for not believing someone the first time round that they’ve really changed.

Someone who REALLY wants to change will not let the fact that people are still wary of them affect their change. They should be able to understand why people are keeping tabs on them in the first place and are still waiting for them to fuck up. That type of shit shouldn’t hinder your growth when you’ve realized you have fucked up and really hurt people.

Receipts don’t split the community up. Receipts are there to protect the community. So stop shitting on abuse survivors and our attempts to keeping ourselves safe by suggesting we’re paranoid. You are playing into abuse culture when you do this.

Just fucking stop.

Yes!! So important.

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