I’m really excited about June 14th for these two…

I’m really excited about June 14th for these two reasons:

Rhonda Lieberman’s Cat Show exhibition will be opening at White Columns. It’s all art! About cats! By folks like Matthew Barney (above), Ruth Root, Marilyn Minter, and others. There will be kitties for adoption at the gallery every weekend, and there is an accompanying zine featuring work by big time writers and some small-time ones like me.

Later that night Spectacle is hosting the first of two screenings to benefit the Sarah Jacobson Film Grant (the second one is June 30). I Was a Teenage Serial Killer and Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Any More will be shown in their entirety both nights, as well as a selection of short films by Sarah. Each night will also have a Q and A with filmmakers who knew Sarah and past grant recipients, all aimed at encouraging women to make movies.


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