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(via Stephen King’s Family Business - NYTimes.com)

A wonderful, vivid family portrait of the King family.

Stephen King literally pretty much saved my life. I had been sick for over a year, unable to work (plus the crash killed freelancing for the most part right then) about to lose my apartment, on all kinds of assistance, and after I got a small grant from the Writer’s Guild Emergency Fund, they suggested I apply to his foundation, which I did —it’s specifically forartists and writers with catastrophic health setbacks, I think he set it up after his accident. I was packing to go who knows where, possibly to live with Colleen’s parents (this was seriously discussed as an option which is semi hilarious now, although now that they live on the Cape I totally would!), and they called to say I had gotten the maximum amount. What was incredibly kind was their support of me as a writer, they had clearly read everything I sent, and they kept saying they wanted to get me back on my feet so I could keep contributing and I just like died crying. Of course now I don’t write for a living! But I will again at some point, and I try to remember Kara’s encouraging (slightly hyperbolic) note:

the most important thing you are doing (well, to me) is showing people that there is this way. its super-feminist. it gets other people through the day. its important to your tumblr followers and random people you know and marie calloway! etc.

Anyway. I will always support Mr. King!* And trust, I realize that, as bad as it was, and as bad as other times have been I was waaaay ahead of so many people in terms of ability to navigate SNAP benefits and all those kinds of bureaucracies, and am so lucky to have a background that looks good on paper to grant-type people.

*Even though Salem’s Lot scared me so much when I was young I didn’t sleep the entire time I was reading it. I had snuck it out of the books in the main part of the house, and just the cover was terrifying.

I would hide it under my bed and just lie there in fright. But like I said, I’m cool with him now.

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