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Once I realized a white leather dress is impractical, the only thing that has really appealed to me about marriage is the proposal. Obviously mine would involve some kind of treasure hunt, possibly requiring me to use my fingerprint kit, but the above is pretty amazing. I was also amazed to see that there is an actual category of “proposal videos” on YouTube. I have long been a fan of “time out” videos, so this shouldn’t have been a surprise but it was.

Flo Kennedy wrote an essay called “The Case Against Marriage” back in 1946, which is one more indicator of how goddamn badass she is. Some of her thoughts on marriage are also in her autobiography, which finally arrived yesterday and which has blown my mind on every single page. EVERY PAGE.  So mindblowing that when I noticed some people looking at the cover when I was on the subway, I convened a discussion right there and then.  One of my new rider friends I met via this interesting discussion wrote down her name and said he was going to look her up on Wikipedia. Social change is where it’s at, people!


“I don’t believe in marriage, horizontal romance, or religion, church, and/or the Bible; I love the hiccups, words, and fighting.”

She wrote that in 1946!! NINETEEN FORTY SIX!!!!!!!!!!

Even before you open the book, you know it is badass because on the back it is classified as “Autobiography/Current Scene” which  1. needs to be brought back as a literary category and 2. is a useful litmus test for one’s every action, as in “Am I making the most of the Current Scene?”, “Am I participating in/critiquing/advancing the Current Scene to the best of my ability?”, etc.

Do you see the situation? That is just the work that must be done based on the second page and the back cover! Leonard Cohen wrote a song about her! LEONARD COHEN! A man to whom I once wrote a letter, telling him that his music had adversely affected my boyfriend to the point that we had to break up, and that he should think about the deleterious effect he was having on the male population. I will perhaps now forgive Mr. Cohen, although obviously not the boy in question.

Flo Kennedy also covers the politics of blow jobs, why prostitution should be legal, the cleanup of Times Square, poverty chic, gay rights, abortion, pro-parent bias, faux-solidarity, “Wrinkles Reagan,” Nixon going to China, the “Pig’s Prerogative,” Martin Luther King, the Warren Commission, feminist media, Attica, busing, Caspar “Milquetoast” Weinberger, zombies, voting as activism, rape, and solidarity vs. celebrity in the first 18 pages of the book. IT IS DEEP.

She stood on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and sang “Tired of Fuckers Fucking Over Me” to protest abortion laws. This should be required of everyone.

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