(Updated & re-posted) Autistic Zine – Call For Submissions


(August 2013)

(Title TBD)

Hey there! This is a call for submissions for a not-yet-titled compilation zine about being autistic done by autistic people. The plan is for this to be online and on paper. Allistic/non-autistic folks are welcome and encouraged to read and share this zine when it’s finished, but are not welcome to submit to this.

Anyone autistic who wants to submit to this zine is welcome to do so! Anywhere on the spectrum, non-speaking or speaking to any degrees, self-diagnosed or formally diagnosed, feel any which way about you being autistic yourself*, and so on.

Autistic people whose perspectives may be under-represented due to being additionally marginalized by things such as exclusion of non-speaking people, other ableism, racism and white supremacy, classism, misogyny and transmisogyny, transphobia, binarism, homophobia / queerphobia, ageism, etc. are especially encouraged to participate in this zine if they are interested in doing so.

Autistic culture is diverse - let’s try to show that!

*Regarding “[you can] feel any which way about you being autistic yourself,” I mean that you can state however you feel about being autistic yourself, whether you feel positively, negatively or in between – but don’t impose your feelings or beliefs onto anyone else, nor onto autism as a whole! No curebie/anti-autistic stuff about other autistic people or autism as a whole. No pushing Autistic Pride on everyone. Please respect that autistic people don’t all feel the same way.




Sketches, drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, mixed media, and more!

Important: Please submit a scan, photocopy, or photograph of your work, if possible, especially if it’s being submitted to the paper version of the zine. I don’t want to lose or mess up any originals!

Artwork does not have to necessarily be related to or focused on autism or your experiences of being autistic if you don’t feel like doing that! The point is just that it’s art made by an autistic person submitted to a zine by autistic people.

An online version of the zine could also include video and audio submissions. Video submissions should be subtitled if they contain sound. Audio submissions should be transcribed.

Color or black & white art is fine. Color artwork in the paper zine will eventually be copied in black & white.

Please include a short image description for any visual art submissions. (Also helpful: keywords that could go in an image description.)

Please use trigger warnings in submissions when applicable.

Submissions for the paper zine should fit on 8.5” x 11” paper.



Journal entries, rants, poetry, short stories, articles, song lyrics, lists, etc.

Please try to use trigger warnings in submissions when applicable. Thank you.

Please send a copy (scan or photocopy) of your work if you only have the original, especially if it’s handwritten.

Typed or handwritten. Must fit on 8.5” x 11” paper. Submissions that are 1 to 4 pages, single-spaced, in size 12 – 14 non-cursive font are preferable.

Please keep in mind that when I accept longer submissions (and/or multiple submissions from the same person), that leaves less space for other contributors to be published!


Submissions (written or otherwise) that support racism or white supremacy, ableism, classism, fatphobia, sizism, misogyny or transmisogyny, transphobia, homo/queerphobia, binarism, or other forms of oppression in any way will not be accepted. Such submissions will either be returned to you or deleted (if sent via email) or thrown away.


Deadline (approx.): January 15, 2014

Send submissions to Jordan: feralismyheart(AT)gmail(DOT)com

For submitting via “snail mail”, email Jordan and ask for a mailing address.


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