lalondes: i feel like the problem with criticisms of sofia coppola’s movies is that her perspective…


i feel like the problem with criticisms of sofia coppola’s movies is that her perspective is just so, so uniquely female and she allows femininity to touch every aspect of her narratives and that’s not something that reviewers or film industry insiders are used to

when marie antoinette came out at cannes it was booed and critics had a field day ripping it to shreds for not being historically accurate or focused on the politics of the french revolution and sofia coppola just had to come out and say “that wasn’t the fucking point i wanted to tell a story about a teenage girl and so i made narrative and stylistic choices that reflect the experiences and emotions of teenage girls it wasn’t supposed to be a true-to-life historical documentary calm down does looking at history from a stylized, female perspective really bother you that much”

and the criticism of the bling ring was similar critics were like “where’s the moral compass where’s the biting social commentary” like oh my god i’m sorry she didn’t hit you over the head with it i’m sorry she didn’t give you a neat conclusion i’m sorry her characters were morally grey i’m sorry that she’s using the language of young women in order to tell a story about young women and you’re too fucking dumb to recognize that because you’re so used to seeing films written by men and directed by men and starring men

I have some issues with her work but this is an important thing to say.  See also (I know I say this all the time) people who ripped into Velvet Goldmine for not being true to the Iggy/Bowie canon when really it was a movie about love, about falling in love with music, with a movement, with men, and how eventually all of it betrays you and is still beautiful, it;s about being a fan most of all.

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