The Woman in the Picture!

a photo from the 60s of a white woman using a computer

Back in 2011, I reblogged the above photo from a tumblr called SuperSeventies—and recently the woman in the photo, Ruth Jeans, got in touch with me asking where I got it. I helped her try to track it down to the original posting, but as you all know, that can sometimes be impossible. She isn’t upset, just bemused. I asked her if she would tell me more about the photo, and she kindly agreed:

“I worked for 45 years at the Government’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, here in Oxfordshire, UK… an administrative manager, (nothing to do with computers!!).

Early on in my career I was (randomly) stopped in a corridor and asked if I would just come in to a nearby lab so that the scientists could take a photograph of someone operating a new type of computer that they were developing.

Over my career, the picture haunted me by turning up in the strangest places within the Laboratory and included in random internal publications. However when someone drew my attention to your site, I was stunned to discover that it had gone viral!  You can imagine my reaction, that having now retired, I’m still finding that it’s ‘out there’! “

SO COOL. Thank you, Ruth.

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