Help Save Jerod Pore and CrazyMeds

How many times do I launch into a story (or a post) with “back in the zine days?” It doesn’t matter, because that time does matter. This is a post about Jerod Pore, who really matters.

cover of a zine, the headline is "factsheet five" it is tattered and old and cheaply made

Jerod was a major contributor to Mike Gunderloy’s Factsheet Five. It was a zine about zines! Without Factsheet Five, you probably wouldn’t have all the former zine writers you know and love today—Nell Zink, Dave Eggers, Johanna Fateman, and more. Our community, and our audiences, couldn’t have existed without him.  Jerod also founded alt.zines, on a thing called Usenet, which was the internet before the world wide web existed. I know, it is a deep thing to think about. We used it to find out about how to scam Kinko’s and stuff. (Not Dave Eggers, probably. I am sure Might was above that. They had a business plan. Yes, that still annoys me.)

a funny rainbow type logo that says crazymeds

More recently, Jerod has been running the site Crazymeds while battling his own health issues. Crazymeds is an amazing community with incredible information about all the medications (stimulants, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, you name it) used to treat chronic and acute disorders ranging from anxiety to neuropathic pain. It’s conversational, reliable, and so important. Kara once said to me “I can’t believe you know the guy who runs that site, he is like a celebrity to me.” I say that not to make myself seem cool but so you know the impact Crazymeds has had on an acutely underserved community.

Here is part of the Crazymeds mission statement:

Crazymeds is the site for the obsessed and depressed, the manic and the panicked, the schizophrenic and epileptic, the migraineurs and bipolar, those with GAD, SAD, OCD, PTSD, in pain or have an otherwise non-standard brain8. If you have any specific questions about a drug that wasn’t answered on its page, couldn’t find the drug you’re interested in, or want some help in figuring out which medication is the right one for you, then visit Crazy Talk: Our forum for the mentally interesting. We aren’t doctors or anything, and we don’t diagnose, but we have more experience than we ever wanted when it comes to brain cooties and the crazy meds used to treat them. We’re all about helping each other know what the drugs can and cannot do, what they are likely to do for us and to us, and work with our doctors to make the best, or least bad, choice in medication(s) as quickly as possible.

If you’re unsure if you should be taking drugs to treat your condition(s) in the first place, see our all-purpose are you messed-up enough to need medication test.

Jerod was also close friends with Sarah. At one point I was doing a fundraiser for the grant and even though he was in incredible pain, and with very little resources, he managed to send me a a file with memories of her that makes me cry just thinking about it.

Now he needs our help. Here’s what is going on:

Crazymeds is for sale. The domains, the wiki, the forum, everything.

My health has gone seriously sideways and I am forced to return to an urban environment (first choice: Seattle area1). Topamax has suddenly pooped-out as far as my epilepsy is concerned2. When (and if) I find another AED to get the seizures back under control, there’s no guarantee for full control of the symptoms, and tachyphylaxis (poop-out) is to be expected. As it is now it’s becoming increasingly dangerous for me to drive, cook, and deal with other stuff, so I can’t live 15 miles from a grocery store and a pharmacy, 75 miles from a shrink, and 125 miles from a neurologist with EEG equipment that works consistently.

Interested parties should see the recently updated stats page and, if you think you can make a go of it, the contact page for information on reaching me.

I don’t know, maybe one of you out there could buy it. But I know a lot of you out there could donate. There is a PayPal link on the Crazymeds home page, or just log into Paypal and send anything you can to this address: jerod23 AT gmail DOT com. (I couldn’t make a direct link to PayPal work because why should anything go right, ever?)

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