Fridge, a diabetic

Fridge, a diabetic –

urine in faces

cat stool flying in mouth

and all over the places.

He has but one tooth

in his head.

When he bites you it feels like fire.

“So Fridge, why are you so bad?”

Fridge (the cat) “I do not like you Andrew.

I like to let myself go on you all the time when you give me my meds.

One more thing – be happy I don’t vomit too.”

Thank you Fridge for that comment. This is Andrew saying I stink of urine and brown stuff.”

OH my god I am so happy I found this. I first spotted it in the back room at the Cat Practice like 7 years ago and I thought I would die on the spot. All over the places and When he bites you it feels like fire are so totally brilliant and then the segue into conversation, IT IS SO FANTASTIC.

Later that same year Monster was there for a couple of days with a kidney infection and I was visiting her when I noticed a cat further down was indeed the infamous Fridge. I thought he would be some mean-looking crank but he was the softest fluffiest angel-faced kitty in the world. That one tooth was telling, though. Like fire.

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