I Get Weak in a Glance

shipping containers, GPT, treasure hunts, watt, bookworms, bill cunningham, flaneurs, hikers, the ocean in the winter, humidifiers, miniatures, crime scenes, hydration, hip replacement, mysterious bruises.

headscarves,, underground zoos, custody agreements, the nutcracker, avoiding coffee, the magic penis, and other bad things, shelltoes, the motherfucking south bay, overnighters, work parties, the courtship of eddie’s father, everlast brand shorts, palatino, imovie, direct deposit, getting unstuck, spiral notebooks, paul weller.

bracketology, nooshs, exfoliants, burning bushes, sera, those born under the sign of taurus, repairs, bitters, horizons, godard, bond.

ginger ale, remote controls, fizzy water, rory stewart, burritos, sheikha mayassa, popcorn, mid-century modern, scott scanlon, sweater people, fake blood, ginger, pizza, foot scrubs.

fatoosh, the lockhorns, compression of mortality, blowouts, human-powered aquatics, salt water, kombucha, audrey, the concept of the third cat, and the return of the good old-fashioned date, if only in my head.

yahtzee, gentlemen callers, danny stiles, puffins, flirts, texters, spooners, serenaders, career counselees, a bass player, someone who will hire Josh, aliens, robots, astronauts, deep sea divers, cody and faith’s baby, members of the fritz newman fan club, those who want the pool to be run by the people.

blackberries, puffins, porches, mods, running lines, clean sheets, children’s theatrical productions, papermate medium blacks, sabrina the teenaged witch, incident at loch ness, hoods, pockets, bad haircuts, benefits.

sunscreen, badminton, pizza, jicama, horsehoes, candles, jars, hoses, steve mcqueen, miracle-gro, tour dates, kickball oldtimers league, balm, culottes, built by wendy, heels, defrizzers, croquet, commuters, asbury, grapefruit, invasion, coney.

dance parties of one, bilf, long distance romance and long distance friendship, breathing, biofeedback, the international table, jen’s dv camera, location scouting, dave gomez, wristguards, belts, puff skirts, slowriders.

protein bars, the erotomania of others, adria dawn, hats, internal cleansing, candy, vacuums, midnight movies, puttering, vegan baked goods, blowdryers, ab work, ice sculptures, kits, hasbeens, invoicing, master criminals, the delusion of self-knowledge, portland’s z100, cellphone plans, harry mathews, every day vs everyday, exposure through art, polish rock, spirulina, measuring things with my history ruler, abortion rights, nausea medication, musical numbers, tax attorneys, razorcuts.

the clash between love and hope, amateur cat movies, carnival of souls, flat shoes, courreges, hair color, louis althusser, the post office, cutting energy bills, eating vegetables, height, shell art, lamp bases, clumsy liars, scroker, being the 8th caller, tube socks, digitizing vinyl, the irs, sledding.

Found this old list of interests, most of which still apply.


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