Shut Up Foodies

Shut Up, Foodies is a blog that Colleen Williams, Sarah Jaffe, and I started to point out some of the excesses and nuttiness around food culture. If you’re sick of hearing about ramps, it’s the blog for you!

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Praise for Shut Up, Foodies!

Andrew Zimmern: “Seen Shut Up Foodies yet? It’s awesome. Their anger is awesome and spot on.”

Eat Me Daily: “At once satirical and serious, Shut Up, Foodies seeks to point out the areas in which food snobs are hypocritical, self-righteous, and just plain ridiculous.”

Eater:  “Their criticism of the absurd excesses of “foodies” on the internet is sharp and necessary.”

Grubstreet New York: “Three anonymous and wicked minds.”

Portland Mercury: “I plan to return again and again to Shut Up, Foodies. [I]t helps equalize the fever pitch of gastronomic obsession in this very foodie town. It’s about time.”

Edible Society: “Hilarious – shutupfoodies has the best “about” paragraph I’ve ever read on a food blog ;)”

Some Shut, Up Foodies hits!

Shut, Up Foodies on the Donner Party:

Once the undisputed champions of the “eat local” movement, the Donner Party has now been demoted to mere cattle and dog eaters by a recent study that found no evidence of cannibalism.

On PC Cupcakes:

Organic, made with real fruit, served in a biodegradable cup, and sold in a solar powered cart! It is practically a vote for Al Gore with frosting on it.

On the Double Down:

Not many people have said they really want to eat a Double Down, except Sam “Bright Eyes” Sifton, but it’s not made to be eaten, it’s made to start conversations. The Double Down the foodie version of Nike’s Tiger Woods ad—repulsive,  but it gets people talking about your brand. I mean, before today,when was the last time you even thought about KFC?

On Culinary Excursions

I know I’m being a giant grump here, but COME ON. Do you really need a chef-created meal after a day of rock-climbing? Isn’t some of the fun of it that you eat weird trail food? Where’s the mother-freaking s’mores and the hash browns that are half burnt and half raw? For the love of god, what about the freeze-dried ice cream? That’s like being an astronaut in the woods.

On conspicuous culinary consumption:

[W]hen you combine the the narrative that you need to buy things to be a successful foodie with the pervasive implication that being a foodie is some kind of moral triumph, that it means you are evolved and sensual and in touch with the earth/yourself/several spices that lesser people have never heard of, then you can see how privilege and foodieism are linked in some uncomfortable ways.

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