Sarah Jacobson

Sarah Jacobson was an amazing independent filmmaker who died in 2004. She was a radical believer in DIY, in feminism, in punk rock, and in living life to its fullest. She made several influential short films, including “I Was a Teenage Serial Killer,” and one feature, “Mary Jane’s Not a Virgin Any More”

After her death, filmmaker Sam Green and Sarah’s mother established the Sarah Jacobson Film Grant for young women “whose work embodies some of the things that Sarah stood for: a fierce DIY approach to filmmaking, a radical social critique, and a thoroughly underground sensibility.” Since 2004, the grant has been awarded to eight filmmakers.

Late last year, I took over the administration of the grant, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to not only introduce Sarah’s work to young filmmakers, but to be able to support those filmmakers.

For more on the grant, please visit Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Sarah Jacobson.

We’re currently in the midst of editing a tribute reel with contributions from Tamra Davis, Allison Anders, Har Mar Superstar, Sam Green, Michelle Handelman, and others.

Here’s Kathleen Hanna talking about Sarah:

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