This page will be entirely about cats.

Well, not entirely. I was thinking this would be a good place to put some of the random things I’ve done that don’t fit in the other categories.

I was a co-editor at Ben is Dead.

I was editor-in-chief of Stim.

I was a writer at PopUp Video.

I produced “Freak Show,” an interactive artwork by the rock band The Residents.

Jim Knipfel, NY Press

“It took The Residents to transform CD-ROM technology from simply a ‘new medium’ into an art-form…It’s at turns eerie, sad, ghoulish, and funny as hell…I was stunned by what played itself out on the screen in front of me…You’ve probably never seen any computer-generated artwork like this…You wander into these rooms and have complete 360-degree access. Shadows move, candles flicker.”

Mark Frauenfelder, Wired

“While touring the grounds [of the Freak Show] I forgot about the sweltering office: My mind drifted out of my body and I began floating through Freakville. Freak Show has gorgeously rendered 3-D eye feasts jumping at you from every direction.”

I was also a writer for a short-lived talk show starring the wonderful Michael Musto.

I was once sued on “The People’s Court.”

I produced the CD-ROM “A Hard Day’s Night.”

“A Hard Day’s Night”  was the first feature-length movie playable on a computer.  Leonard Maltin interviewed me on “Entertainment Tonight!” Roger Ebert yelled at me for not sending him a free copy. Show biz is very intense.

I was the co-creative director of a teen talk show on the Oxygen Network.

I was the editorial director of Refinery29.

I was a deputy editor at Seventeen magazine.

I was a contributing editor at Glamour magazine.

I taught art criticism at UCLA.

When people ask me what I do for a living, sometimes it is hard to answer.

(My friend Elettra did a divestment zine.)

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