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November 9th, 2012

If you’re in the US and ever need help paying for an abortion


Check out this list of abortion funds organized by state

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August 21st, 2012

Do you live in a country where you can’t access safe legal abortion? These people can help you have a safe abortion.

Do you live in a country where you can't access safe legal abortion? These people can help you have a safe abortion.:


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June 16th, 2012

Why it’s important.

Because I get emails and comments like this:

I am 26 and June 13th I did it. 3 weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant. The guy used to be my good friend for 3 years and supported most of the time. But when he found out I was pregnant he started to write me terrible things and also said he would find me and kill me. I dont have financial stability and I rent a flat so I knew at the end what should I do. I was scared I was crying I wanted to keep it. But thanks God I found a very good doctor who is also a very good man. My mum supported me in this decision She said there is no good to give a birth to a baby who can be sick ( I was taking some pills as I had a flu, smoked a lot and besides this so called man was drinking like a driver ). So everyone and the doctor as well advised me to make it and wait till moments come to have a real family financial stability and then give a birth to a healthy baby. So I did it. I went through hell- but I feel releaved now. Empty for now but it will go away. I know that there is time for everyone to be born and my baby will be born one day as well. So all women who did it- do not regret it. You will have babies in the future when you are ready because a baby is not just a home pet- the baby is someone who you will have to give everything you can in order he or she becomes a good person.

June 14th, 2012

checkmateprolifer: This is Gisella Perl, a  a successful…


This is Gisella Perl, a  a successful Jewish gynaecologist in Sighet, Romania in the 1930s and 40s. She was taken to Auschwitz in 1944, where she treated women with kindness and compassion. She was asked to report all pregnant women to Josef Mengele- better known as the Angel of Death. When she discovered what was done to them (medical experimentation and torture, ending with often being thrown alive into the crematoriums) she vowed that there would never again be a pregnant woman in Auschwitz. So she began the abortions. 

In her time in Auschwitz, Dr. Perl performed over 3,000 abortions in spite of her professional and religious beliefs as a doctor and an observant Jew. Any babies born alive in Auschwitz were usually drowned, despite Mengele’s orders to allow them to starve to death. Because of Dr. Perl’s brave actions in performing these abortions, many women made it out of Aschwitz alive, able to go on and have families after the war. 

Although she was vilified by many for her actions, there is no doubt that she is not the monster abortionists are made out to be. This woman, this doctor, this abortionist was a hero. Despite her personal beliefs, she understood what had to be done. If you click the photo, you can go to a more extensive biography of her- she was a true hero.  

June 13th, 2012

suzy-x: indigenousfeminist: “Men’s indifference to learning about contraception and to taking any…



“Men’s indifference to learning about contraception and to taking any responsibility for it is a theme that emerges from many reports of projects that have attempted, and failed, to reach and educate men. One of the most successful programs of contraception education for men, a Planned Parenthood project in Chicago, abandoned its attempts to reach men over the age of twenty-five when it was found that these men simply would not participate, even when offered beer, sandwiches, free condoms—and “stag” movies. Instead, the project targeted a younger group, and as part of its research the project conducted a survey of over a thousand men aged fifteen to nineteen:

• These young men were asked whether they agreed with the statement “It’s okay to tell a girl you love her so that you can have sex with her.” Seven out of ten agreed that it’s okay.

• They were asked whether they agreed with the statement “A guy should use birth control whenever possible.” Eight out of ten disagreed and said a guy should not.

• And when asked, “If I got a girl pregnant, I would want her to have an abortion,” nearly nine out of ten said no, they would not want her to have an abortion. These teenage men agreed: Deception to obtain coital access is okay; male irresponsibility in contraception is okay; but abortion is not okay—“because it’s wrong.”

Largely because of attitudes such as these, one million teenage women—one tenth of all teenage women—become pregnant each year, and two thirds of their pregnancies are not wanted.”

—John Stoltenberg, Refusing to be a Man

This is why I say: pro-choice is not just about abortion. With choice comes responsibility, and frankly, if you’re not gonna be responsible for your own shit then I have the choice to send your ass out the door. People who are not responsible enough to use protection and/or consider their partners’ well-being are anti-choice in my book. Being reproductively and sexually coercive violates my bodily autonomy.

June 8th, 2012

A group of men calling themselves the “Irritated Men” gathered in Istanbul on June 5 to raise their voice against the government’s plan to ban abortion.

A group of men calling themselves the “Irritated Men” gathered in Istanbul on June 5 to raise their voice against the government’s plan to ban abortion.:

I have decided to live another day.

May 14th, 2012

Four more things

  • The last woman who spoke at the fancypants lunch (“New York’s premier reproductive health event” ) was head of NARAL NY and she told the story of losing her baby (her term)  when she was 6 months pregnant, there was no heartbeat and her doctor refused to do a D&E, she had to go to three hospitals to find someone who would do it. It was a horrific and traumatic story, obviously very difficult for her to tell. I almost kind of blacked it out and it is just hitting me now. I don’t think she intended to tell it—she has a memoir coming out tomorrow and it is not mentioned in the book, she mentions losing the baby but not the rest. It is staggering to think about.

  • We discussed it a little on the way home and I told my editors how I am taking the Reproductive Health Access Project course in manual vacuum aspiration (w/Suzy!) and they were really into it. I was like “Seriously if the shit goes down I want to be able to help,” and they were like “WE WILL DO IT TOO.”

  • Sharon Camp, who is basically the woman that created Plan B, talked about how it all came to be. She is one of those people who makes it sound so simple, “Well I couldn’t find anyone who would manufacture it or distribute it, so I started a pharmaceutical company.”

  • Afterwards I went to meet a friend who was having a not-fun lady procedure and we gave her gummy sours after and took her home on the ferry.

It was really kind of blood and guts and emotional day, a lot of uteruses, but also sort of inspiring. I feel less hopeless about everything, a little.

May 14th, 2012

This is the fancypants place where I had fancypants lunch today…

This is the fancypants place where I had fancypants lunch today and a lady thanked me for being a vigilant pro-choice member of the media. FANCY PANTS AND ABORTION. Really my two favorite things in one event. The only thing better is if it had been on a boat. Also Andy Stern from NARAL got up and recited the ERA from heart and sang a song from Free to Be You and Me. Also at the next table was the Inter-Faith Pro-Choice Coalition of New York. Also Christine Quinn got up and told everyone about how she was the first person to say “vagina” in a press conference in NYC City Hall and my editor hugged me. SNIFF I LOVE EVERYONE.

PS Obv the feminist hair was off the hook.

March 18th, 2012

Hey friends in NYC who missed the vacuum aspiration demo at Urgent!


I’m gonna get in touch with the folks from the Reproductive Access Project about doing a vacuum aspiration training some time in the next few months. They did a great workshop yesterday in which they demonstrated a simple extraction with a papaya, and were really sweet and very professional. While they can perform the procedure at their office for a fee, they were also very supportive and encouraging of people terminating their own pregnancies at home. Granted, the procedure is only effective within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but they also said you could practice by extracting your period (whenever you didn’t wanna go through the usual week-long drama). There was also another person there doing self-exam workshops who I’d also contact, because the two go hand-in-hand.

Even if you don’t have the kind of sex in which pregnancy is a risk, it’s incredibly important to have this kind of knowledge. Reproductive autonomy means knowing your body and being in control of it to your best ability. Reproductive autonomy isn’t only in resistance to the government and whatever laws they impose on us, but also in resistance to a system that requires that we keep our own bodies mystified, and pay someone money that many of us don’t have to take care of  our reproductive health for us.

So, if you’re interested let’s get in touch, and send me your emails so we can work out a good time for the training.