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August 17th, 2013

A few days post-purchase, this Kenmore model seems to be the heir-apparent for the venerable Samsung…

A few days post-purchase, this Kenmore model seems to be the heir-apparent for the venerable Samsung Countertop Microwave legacy, design-wise. Except this Kenmore 69122 is quite loud during operation, due to poor vibration damping and fan noise. But PLENTY OF POWER. After 17 years my Samsung MW6350 finally failed, If I could get a new transformer for it, it might go another 5 years. (My other Samsung is 10 years old and EXCELLENT.) These days, if any microwave lasts 5 years we’re expected to consider it high quality. Samsung was tops, but got out of countertop unit production; could the market have failed to reward their efforts? Yes, I am so impressed with Samsung microwaves that I LIKE THIS KENMORE 69122 just because it looks to be the sold-downstream spinoff of Samsung’s excellent Korean countertop line. THIS KENMORE HAS TWO STAGE COOKING, and USER-DEFINED POWER LEVELS, time cycled, 1-10, works GREAT, thanks!) There is the ONE-MINUTE PLUS button that starts cooking with ONE TOUCH. There is a kitchen timer, nice to have. On the other hand, if you prefer fewer beeps in your life, the SOUND CAN BE TURNED OFF. The back of the cooking chamber is rounded to fit the turntable and make cleanup easier. The LIGHT STAYS ON when the door is open, allowing easy inspection of contents even if the unit is tucked into a dim corner. The basic mechanics seem solid. DRAWBACKS: There are too many buttons (half the pre-programmed routines should be eliminated; A 10-SEC.+ button, would be good, in place of them) and the buttons are 35% too small. LED display also 35% too small. And if they’d spend a couple bucks on vibration dampening? And if it would last an average of 10 years? That would make it a total winner, at least for those people who care about quality. Only time will tell whether this unit is one of the cursed “disposables” that so many consumers seem contented to buy.

November 12th, 2012

elanormcinerney: “Castillo, you don’t seem to understand the…


“Castillo, you don’t seem to understand the reality of commodities. In the open market, opium is no different from tapioca or tin ore from Malaysia.”

(OHMYGOD it is actually perfectly relevant to discuss Michael Mann/Miami Vice as much as we do at Marx Club)

Increasingly excited that I seem to be leading a double life as Elanor McInerney.