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September 29th, 2010


“Aesthetic Sister” reminded me of my note on the Carolee Schneeman piece at MoMA, which reads, “Lisa Suckdog.”


Bonus info! Tomorrow I am rejiggering how my Twitter and Tumblr and blog interact with one another. It will be very exciting. Also I am taking my cat to the vet and writing a story about superheroes and launching a fund drive for the Sarah grant. And working out. This is reminding me of the note I saw next to the receptionist’s desk at one of the doctor app’ts I had today which said:

Check Bathroom Supplies

Water Plants

Stay Organized

So I will do those things as well, and strive to be a good person the whole day through.

September 29th, 2010

"Aesthetic Sister"

“Aesthetic Sister”

- I came across this term today in something whateverjeanne posted about Carolee Schneeman and Ana Mendieta and I am feeling it very strongly. Aesthetic Sisters, Rebel Sisters, Revolutionary Sisters.