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November 1st, 2012

theaveragedayofme: accidnt: coletureconcept: Enough of these…




Enough of these extremely long intellectual posts for the night, lets get down to business: How to successfully wink.

1)Create a bit a space between your top and bottom jaw. 

2)SHOW TEETH* (this is important). 

3)Forge an extremely lusty smile. 

4)Drop jaw and connect with neck

5)Violently slam one eyelid shut

6)Allow whole face to spasm upon ocular impact

7)Remain confident

8)Accrue many potential mates

There you have it.

I love u

he is one of us

My adoptive family has a thing about winks. I try to accept it because I come from a different (normal) culture.

October 10th, 2012

Yankee Candle * Witches’ Brew


Product shots online stank. I uploaded my own with a dash of a Costume Box Original.

This past weekend, I ventured upstate to pick apples, eat (way too many) donuts and get lost in a maize maze. Along my travels, I ended up with salsa, barbecue sauce, donuts, scones, Jalapeno mustard and… a Yankee candle!?

So, Yankee is probably one of the least chic candles/fragranciers out there, I know. I remember in junior high and high school, they were all the rage in my tiny backwoods town - Spiced Pear, Midsummer’s Night, Clean Cotton, Macintosh - you name it, I probably had it at one time or another and so did every other house on the block. Embarrassment aside, Midsummer’s Night was one of my absolute favorites - a very heady, masculine scent that wasn’t the usual French Vanilla or Lavender, completely unconventional. I remember lighting it and blasting Depeche Mode. Ahhhh, I was … *cough cough* (I just guffawed) somethin’ else.

So, this weekend, as I was upstate, I found Yankee’s Witches’ Brew, a patchouli-based black votive that reminded me a little of Midsummer’s Night but with a more autumnal, spicy kick, and sure, even though it’s not the hippest of the hip, I gotta say, it has a strong scent that dissipates nicely in my humble little apartment. I recommend for a cheap thrill. 

So basically we are eating the same meals, doing the same workout, and this weekend I am doing exactly what you did last weekend. TOTALLY NOT WEIRD JUST WHAT HAPPENS.

March 28th, 2012

33summer: the best (only ) fashion tip i can give is that if you dont know what to wear one day…


the best (only ) fashion tip i can give is that if you dont know what to wear one day just think about which Spice GiRL you’d most like to be that day. Posh=elegant, classy, sleek, very fitted but not skin tight really, jersey, black or other dark colors, silver, turtle necks and dresses. Sporty=casual and sporty (wow!), baggy/loose fit, denim, colors as white, blue, red, black, tank tops, sporty attires… yeah thats the easiest one. Ginger & Scary (their style is pretty similar)=lots of bright colors and pattern the more fun the better (aka not small cute flowers), tight clothes, gold, glitter, (fake)fur, lots of jewelry, animal print. Baby=light colors, WHITE and pastel, especially baby pink of course, /light/ blue denim, not a lot of pattern or crazy stuff, not much jewelry either, bomber jackets, also a bit sporty but with much lighter colors basically

September 26th, 2010

Vintage dress = $15.  For some reason, my eyes being closed…

Vintage dress = $15.  For some reason, my eyes being closed makes me feel like this was actually taken in 1969.  It was taken last night. —tinytomato: