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November 13th, 2012

11/19/11 real talk with mikki

kj: i feel like when i told you the whole jon story when we were drinking wine the other night you were kind enough to be like "kara, thats not a workaholic, thats selfish." i feel like i might need some similar honesty now. can i email you a synopsis of the insanity that just happened and you can tell me what you think?
mh: Of course! Feminist truth squad, delivered w love

Kara would tell me things and I mostly spent two months being like THAT WAS WRONG and WTF and WHO DOES THAT. The real incarceration was what happened before the actual incarceration in a way.

I am always available for real talk.
August 1st, 2012

"I’d hate to see perfectly good misandry get spoiled by essentialism."

“I’d hate to see perfectly good misandry get spoiled by essentialism.”

- Kim Funk
July 6th, 2012


June 11th, 2012

so am i the only person here who has never been in jail?

[redacted 1]: i've never been in jail, i've only been in juvee.
[redacted 2]: i've never been in jail, i've just been held.
kj: so i still have cred.
[redacted 1]: you've been incarcerated, it counts.

kara, incarcerated > kara caramanica

x infinity

feminist maths

"I've just been held"--feminist tears
April 28th, 2012

media literacy

[redacted 1]: what is details?
[redacted 2]: it's for guys who bought a nirvana album at brown and it really meant a lot to them.

owning my status as redacted 2