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January 2nd, 2013

ragata: In her 1968 performance Aktionshose:Genitalpanik…


In her 1968 performance Aktionshose:Genitalpanik (Action Pants: Genital Panic), Valie Export entered an art cinema in Munich, wearing crotchless pants, and walked around the audience with her exposed genitalia at face level. The associated photographs were taken in 1969 in Vienna, by photographer Peter Hassmann. The performance at the art cinema and the photographs in 1969 were both aimed toward provoking thought about the passive role of women in cinema and confrontation of the private nature of sexuality with the public venues of her performances. The contrast with what is usually called “cinema” is obvious, and is crucial to the message. In Valie Export’s performance, the female body is not packaged and sold by male directors and producers, but is controlled and offered freely by the woman herself, in defiance of social rules and state precepts. Also, the ordinary state-approved cinema is an essentially voyeuristic experience, whereas in Valie Export’s performance, the “audience” not only has a very direct, tactile contact with another person, but does so in the full view of Valie Export and bystanders.

December 29th, 2012

RIP Jean Harris. Killing a cheater and escaping in a mink coat is pure SCUM.

RIP Jean Harris. Killing a cheater and escaping in a mink coat is pure SCUM.
December 14th, 2012

kvltkunt: total retribution.   if you live in…


total retribution.  

if you live in williamsburg/bushwick and feel in danger or are just pissed about being assaulted, harassed or bashed let us know.  email at or call us at 347.68.SLICE



November 1st, 2012

kchikurdi: Tens of thousands of Kurds walked to the prison in…


Tens of thousands of Kurds walked to the prison in Wan (Van), where hundreds of Kurds have been on hunger strike for about 50 days.

October 30, 2012.

September 15th, 2012


September 12th, 2012

slaughtermoon: fuckyeahmarxismleninism: August 7: Anniversary…



August 7: Anniversary of the Marin County courthouse rebellion

“On Aug. 7, 1970, just a few days after George [Jackson] was transferred to San Quentin, his younger brother Jonathan Jackson, 17, invaded Marin County Courthouse single-handed, with a satchel full of handguns, an assault rifle and a shotgun hidden under his raincoat. “Freeze,” he commanded as he tossed guns to William Christmas, James McClain and Ruchell Magee. Magee was on the witness stand testifying for McClain, on trial for assaulting a guard in the wake of a guard’s murder of another Black prisoner, Fred Billingsley, beaten and teargased to death.

A jailhouse lawyer, Magee had deluged the courts with petitions for seven years contesting his illegal conviction in ‘63. The courts had refused to listen, so Magee seized the hour and joined the guerrillas as they took the judge, prosecutor and three jurors hostage to a waiting van. To reporters gathering quickly outside the courthouse, Jonathan shouted, “You can take our pictures. We are the revolutionaries!”

Operating with courage and calm even their enemies had to respect, the four Black freedom fighters commandeered their hostages out of the courthouse without a hitch. The plan was to use the hostages to take over a radio station and broadcast the racist, murderous prison conditions and demand the immediate release of The Soledad Brothers. But before Jonathan could drive the van out of the parking lot, the San Quentin guards arrived and opened fire. When the shooting stopped, Jonathan, Christmas, McClain and the judge lay dead. Magee and the prosecutor were critically wounded, and one juror suffered a minor arm wound.

Magee survived his wounds and was tried originally with co-defendant Angela Davis. Their trials were later severed and Davis was eventually acquitted of all charges. Magee was convicted of simple kidnap and remains in prison to date – 46 years with no physical assaults on his record. An incredible jailhouse lawyer, Magee has been responsible for countless prisoners being released – the main reason he was kept for nearly 20 years in one lockup after another. Currently at Corcoran State Prison, he remains strong and determined to win his freedom and that of all oppressed peoples.

Kiilu Nyasha, “Black August: A story of African freedom fighters”


August 26th, 2012

Women in the civil rights group "Let’s Save Togo" said they will have a week long sex strike to demand the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbé. The plan to withhold sex from their husbands for a week will start Monday, said Isabelle Ameganvi , leader of the group’s women’s wing.

Women in the civil rights group "Let's Save Togo" said they will have a week long sex strike to demand the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbé. The plan to withhold sex from their husbands for a week will start Monday, said Isabelle Ameganvi , leader of the group's women's wing. :

Here’s your #revolution Lysistrata-style now, Ms. X.

August 22nd, 2012

❝And then, you ask me whether I approve of violence. I mean,…

And then, you ask me whether I approve of violence. I mean, that just doesn’t make any sense at all… whether I approve of guns.

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama!

Some very, very good friends of mine were killed by bombs! Bombs that were planted by racists. I remember from the time - I was very small - I remember the sound of bombs exploding across the street, our house shaking! I remember my father having to have guns at his disposal at all times because of that fact that any moment - someone - we might expect to be attacked.

The man who was in that time, in complete control of the city government, his name was Bill Connor. He would often get on the radio and make statements like - “Niggers have moved into an all white neighborhood, we better expect some bloodshed tonight,” and sure enough there would be blood shed.

After the four girls - one of them lived next door to me - I was very good friends of a sister of another one… My sister was very good friends with all three of them. My mother taught one of them in her class.

In fact, when the bombing occurred, one of the mothers of the young girl called my mother and said - “Can you take me down to the church and pick up Carol? We heard about the bombing and I don’t have my car.”

And they went down and what did they find? They found limbs and heads strewn all over the place.

And then after that, in my neighborhood, all the men organized themselves into an armed patrol. They had to take their guns and patrol our community every night because they did not want that to happen again. ❞ Angela Davis on Violence [x]

August 17th, 2012

On Pussy Riot and white feminist solidarity

On Pussy Riot and white feminist solidarity:




So the Sevigny mess didn’t work out as planned because my affinity group had prior engagements and the venue was over-policed.  I’m going to analyze what made me so mad in the first place and while it definitely won’t be as cathartic as throwing a dildo at a bourgeois transphobe’s head, perhaps it will help just a tiny bit. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the Pussy Riot craze—I am in total solidarity with all of Pussy Riot and Voina— namely Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Marina Alyokhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich.  

What irks me is what my friend Cameron calls ”funmenism”, white cis women taking up a cause to soothe their bleeding liberal hearts— this behavior allows them to feel like ”activists” but also allows them to cling to the white supremacy and classism that they love so well.  Also, for those of you that do not know me, I am white and while i have begun to self-identify as genderqueer (or something like that) I have more cis and femme privilege than i know what to do with.  Just a little background.

What I mean to say is— what about cece?  What about the trans woman known only as tiffany, whose lifeless body was found on wedsnesday, only 3 blocks from where paige clay’s body was found earlier this year.   What the fuck y’all?  

If choosing a roster of only white feminists to speak about pussy riot isn’t white supremacy, I don’t know what is.  If allowing celebrities that perform at michfest and use the word tranny to speak out on an exciting, important and culturally relevant issue is not cis supremacy, i don’t know what is.

Snaps all around. Also, here’s a link to an article about Tiffany Gooden, a Chicago transwoman who was murdered 3 days ago.


pretty much.

July 29th, 2012

pussy riot: will vladimir putin regret taking on russia’s cool women punks?

pussy riot: will vladimir putin regret taking on russia's cool women punks?:



A: he’d better???

one time I went lake-swimming with some other grad students, including our department libertarian (i mean, there are a handful, but he’s the main one) and he was talking about how mel gibson is great and the epitome of manhood and whatever and I was like “that’s nice HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD OF PUSSY RIOT THOUGH?” and then i made everyone listen to me talk about pussy riot for like half an hour

I’m super into this strategy with squares. If people start talking about Girls, I launch into a discussion of AI and how you can break a robot’s heart, etc.

Note: tumblr keeps taking my notes out of reblogs and I have to then edit and re-add it, is that happening to other people?