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January 21st, 2013

karaj: whiskeybot: “…This will not matter, because her parents work in finance, and…



“…This will not matter, because her parents work in finance, and she has good manners, and she’s going to marry up, and she’s going to get into the movies (not just guest appearances in CSI), and she’s going to launch some clothing lines at Target (no, wait, I think she already did that), and a personal fragrance (I think she did that too), and parlay all her bad press into some self-serious complaints, making good on every opportunity to monetize her career at the expense of making actual art.”

Here’s the kind of thing a music critic seriously writes when bashing Taylor Swift. This is just after he writes that he doesn’t “get” or “like” her “over-produced” music and what he calls “apparently honest” lyrics. 


this is amazing. this is by rick moody, who grew up in darien, connecticut and went to a fancy prep school and then to an ivy league college and is probably better known for his 1994-novel-turned-1997-movie the ice storm than for anything else. 

he also says, “look, i normally only write about things i like, things i care about, but i can’t stop myself here. taylor swift represents what makes me want to die about popular music. she makes me want to die.”

i normally only write about things i like, too, which includes writing that taylor swift makes rick moody want to die, just like beyonce made some guy hate america. this is so gratifying, even if it’s boring. whenever a male critic says something like “there is nothing in this music that does anything new besides fusing together a mandolin with a programmed drum track” at least i know that something important is happening. 

let him die/Lana

July 17th, 2012

I swore I wasn’t going to talk about this but what Daniel Tosh said wasn’t a joke. It was a threat.

May 31st, 2012

"you and i are all about SHEDDING ASSHOLES this year"

“it sounds like you are making such good decisions. that’s so great. god. you know when you just know you are doing the right thing? its so rare. it sounds like you are doing so many right things.” —karaj

ETA that this was after I took a call from my gynecologist during therapy, fired my gynecologist, and then fired my therapist.

April 2nd, 2012

karaj: rgr-pop: pussy-strut: “an openly misandrist…




“an openly misandrist girlfriend”

LUV this. And, like, normally I wouldn’t go there, but I think you should go there: how much dick do you manage to get anyway, E? Like, a lot of dick.

And that was the moment I understood this brand of radical sluttiness: if you can get that much dick quoting Solanas all the time, then, well, girl.

p.s. this should all be like the masthead of your blog.

truth: guys love having openly misandrist girlfriends. i love “the petty is political,” laziness, this whole thing.  

Really a misandrist girlfriend is mandatory if one ever wants to shut down the emo-aggressive industrial complex.

Also I keep seeing people on the train I think are P-S and I want to say “Pussy?” with a James Bond leer but generally I figure out it’s someone else in time.

January 29th, 2012

feminist boredom was big this weekend



can one of y’all psyched on the ‘feminist boredom’ tip explain to me how it doesn’t fall back into a dull rewriting of prioritizing those processes central to the creation and maintenance of the subjectivity ‘women’?

this is not an answer to your question, but preliminary context while i do the dishes in a dress and heels, which feels appropriate

so: i first got the term “feminist boredom” from patrice petro in her essays “after shock, between boredom and history” and “historical ennui, feminist boredom.” petro talks about the way that boredom is poised between banality and change. and lars svendsen, who wrote a philosophy of boredom, talks about how boredom always contains a critical element.

i’ve meant it different ways at different times: as a descriptor of the situation, in thinking about strategies or prompts, as an affect, as a semi-joke. (relevant is valerie solanas’s famous first line of SCUM: “life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women”….then she advocates killing all the men and overthrowing capitalism.) one of the things i like about the term is its flexibility and that i could use it in purposely ambiguous, or even ambivalent, ways.  

January 29th, 2012

SHOULDERS: okay maybe here’s what i can think of: feminine boredom is to the…

SHOULDERS: okay maybe here’s what i can think of: feminine boredom is to the...:



okay maybe here’s what i can think of:

feminine boredom is to the detriment of everything that is not the one true love, i.e., being-desired and a perfect fairytale are the sole antidotes to the condition of being a bored woman. emphasizing and prioritizing the boredom is against its panacea,…

I’m into this. I’m also not sure if the conversations around feminine/feminist boredom are necessarily advocating boredom as a tactic? maybe some are, but some are also just about the condition of feminine boredom.

I think that public expressions of boredom are compelling because they’re socially inappropriate, esp. for woman-identified people (ie they’re the opposite of expected social care, performing interest etc). it’s rude to appear bored in lots of circumstances, so revealing your boredom is one way of resisting it. 

idk, it’s late where I am, so I’ll maybe say more tomorrow, but I’m definitely not trying to say that boredom and inactivity are my favorite feminist goals, more interested in looking at how we live out unnecessary boredom in terrible ways and what that does to us and why we practice it.

See also Willow’s “Bored now.” And I say this as someone who is: not into Buffy. At all. OK a little.