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August 11th, 2013


August 11th, 2013


June 1st, 2012

boysoprano: Crying Glasses, Hayley Newman, 1995 Over a year I…


Crying Glasses, Hayley Newman, 1995

Over a year I wore the crying glasses while travelling on public transport in all the cities I visited. The glasses functioned using a pump system which, hidden inside my jacket allowed me to pump water up out of the glasses and produced a trickle of tears down my cheeks. The glasses were conceived as a tool to enable the representation of feelings in public spaces. Over the months of wearing the glasses they became an external mechanism which enabled the manifestation of internal and unidentifiable emotions.

all of my glasses are like this because all of my glasses are crying glasses and also I bought 5 pairs for $25.

March 5th, 2012

rgr-pop: There actually isn’t a lot of undoing or unmaking in…


There actually isn’t a lot of undoing or unmaking in Amy’s performances, she was always already made undone. In thinking of the significance of dried tears versus very wet ones, I am faced with the fact that Amy’s #feminist crying, Amy’s #feminist makeupping, Amy’s #narccissism even was

  1. not a process
  2. not an unapologetic performance of public hysterics

There’s just so much not doing about Amy’s performances. In all her videos she almost refuses to perform. She sits, she lets her songs kind of come out of her. She sits, she walks. It’s so begrudging, it’s so unplayed. It’s not passive as much as it’s very, very private. Or anyway, it’s unpublic.

As much as I wanted to make tears on Back to Black about being unashamed of public crying, it was about the opposite of that. The crying isn’t Adele-wet, it’s Amy-dry. Where we are always talking about not giving a fuck about who we make uncomfortable with our tears, I think Amy’s songs are about refusing to grant anyone access to her tears. So they are dry before they are wet, so they stay on her floor.

So she walks stoic through Echo Park and saves all her singing for the hotel room. And even then, that singing is only barely a performance.

I can theorize her eyeliner-to-tear ratio all day, but that shit was almost never all over her cheeks, even when she was at her worst. Even in her saddest songs, I don’t think she ever used mascara tears as a visual tool.

As feminists we always talk about Amy as an shameless train wreck, another fable about fame. But I think we need to remember the ways that she was so carefully composed and private all the time.

This is the kind of music writing that matters.

February 11th, 2012

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queen eternal

Shelley Duvall Crying For Two Hours Straight is so important to feminist film theory/everything.

i can’t hold this back from tumblr any longer: when i was in college i dated one of stephen king’s sons and i called my parents to brag and got them both on the phone and, simultaneously, they were like: “does he look like stephen king?” whatever, mom and dad. for a month of my life i was thisclose to some of the most important #feminist crying and #feminist violence of the postmodern age. also, i would go buy books at barnes and noble and be like, my boyfriend’s dad’s face is on this bag. my mom told me when i was in buffalo “you said you broke up with him because he was competitive and immature.” what? it might be time for me to watch the shining again. 

I will amp the showing off—my oldest friend’s aunt co-wrote the screenplay! Also Mr. King’s foundation gave me money when I was sick for two years and couldn’t pay my bills. He wrote a note that said “We want you to get well and keep doing great work,” which they prob write to everyone (and the grant isn’t merit-based, ie, I don’t think I got it because my work is so great) but it meant a lot. Another good resource, if you are in that situation, is the Writers Emergency Assistance Fund. I was still wiped out financially, and am paying people and places, but those organizations, along with HEAP and SNAP (aka food stamps) literally kept me from losing my home and my sanity.