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June 17th, 2012

meesoohl: Artist Yayoi Kusama is a master when it comes to…


Artist Yayoi Kusama is a master when it comes to bringing out a childlike wonderment in audiences, leaving them slack-jawed as they take in their enchanting surroundings. The Japanese visionary has a distinct style that doesn’t go unnoticed, especially in recent years, with the employment of polka dots, mirrors, water, and an array of LED light fixtures. There’s a surge of jubilation that emanates from her multihued installation works and this piece titled Fireflies on the Water is no exception.

I’m happy to say that one of the films the Sarah Jacobson Film Grant funded this year is Heather Lenz’s documentary on Yayoi Kusama. I can’t wait to see it!

June 11th, 2012

partywitch: Martha Rosler’s “Semiotics of the Kitchen”…


Martha Rosler’s “Semiotics of the Kitchen” (1975)

I’m excited for Thursday! Is anyone else going?

March 17th, 2012

suzy-x: And, Ann Snitow is definitely carrying a giant foam…


And, Ann Snitow is definitely carrying a giant foam fist that says “SEX FOR FUN”

 The first two thing I saw when I walked in was Ms. Suzy’s big smile at the Feminist Press table, always a good omen. I could see Ms. Snitow out of the corner of my eye at various points, although I didn’t figure out what she was carrying until later. It was a pretty good day, I love that they were teaching people how to do abortions. I mean, DIY to the core, right? The organizers went the extra mile for the film panel and all of our projection requirements and I’m really grateful. The tech guy told us he had taken a 16mm refresher course in order to really do a good job! CRAFT.

We talked about KONY2012 and the power of images to tell lies, and about the personal connections we make by telling stories with moving pictures and (important, I think) by making work together. I pointed out that I’d met every woman on the panel in different ways (Gina, through her collaborations with Barbara Hammer; Nancy on Twitter; Jasmine through her work at Sistersong) and we’ve all helped each other with our work in different ways over the years.

I love that Nancy said, after Gina showed her piece, “Mine is about anal rape and sex work and consent too, this is going to be amazing.” Gina’s is 16 mm and queer and experimental and intense in a way that is so different from Nancy’s piece, which is personal and attempts some academic distance. The distance fails, as it must do, and it’s super powerful. She showed the part where she has traveled to the Bunny Ranch to talk to the sex workers about consent and how they make agreements with customers and she ends up telling her story to one of the women who had been brushing her hair in the mirror and the women rushes across the room and holds Nancy’s hand and says, “What he did was wrong. You did nothing wrong.” Such compassion shakes me because it’s so unexpected (I dont mean unexpected bec from a sex worker but unexpected just in LIFE) and it reveals how much we need to be heard and have these kindnesses. Jasmine talked about the sometimes tearful process of making “We Always Resist,” looking at imagery of lynchings and pain and progress and how she and her collaborator cared for each other.

I love that these women all had one another and that talk of these kinds of collaborations, the supportive and healing kinds, came out in the panel. At the end I read the S.T.I.G.M.A. manifesto and a young woman said to me that it reminded her of a part of Rubyfruit Jungle—another connection was made. While we were talking Gina was getting contact info from young women who wanted to learn 16mm processing, Nancy was agreeing to give kickstarter tips to everyone, and several plots were being hatched for Jasmine to bring We Always Resist to various groups for screening and discussion. I’m really happy it worked out! As I was leaving I ran into Alix Kates Schulman and we chatted about a story I’m working on and she promised to tell me of some feminist fistfights and I floated home.

January 10th, 2012

Very excited (ahem) to see Turn Me On Dammit! tonight.

Very excited (ahem) to see Turn Me On Dammit! tonight.