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March 18th, 2013

What does it mean to ‘write like a girl’?



 me:  i don’t know if i like zambreno’s prose style in green girl

 Lk:  yeah?

 me:  yeah

 Lk:  she seems too flowery

 me:  yeah

 Lk:  frilly

i like no frills

 me:  i was going to say, ‘she writes like a girl’

 Lk:  hahah yes

 me:  yeah

seems weird

to think that

 Lk:  seems normal

 me:  but like it feels distinctly feminine

by weird i mean bad

I like that hysterical manic prose though; I think we sometimes overvalue some Hemingway minimalist shit, some sort of masculine ideal of objectivity and detachment, where I get off on all that self-involved ranty rhyming and kind of manic alliteration and so on, the things that read nicely but sound, to be frank, a little crazy. Also odd as Green Girl (granted i read it over a year ago now I think) seemed really, really controlled to me — the book is nothing if not deliberate, and I think there’s a lot of value (both literary and emotional) in that sort of deliberately controlled & displayed mania and panic and confusion