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March 20th, 2012

suzy-x: Sixteen: a mix I made in 2006, when I thought I…


Sixteen: a mix I made in 2006, when I thought I belonged in the ’70s or something. Featuring Television, Nico, Cat Power. Another part of my Mercury Retrograde series.

August 23rd, 2010

Support the Fight Against Homophobia in Davis County, Utah

photo of james bennion

I met James Bennion in a roundabout way. My sister sent me a copy of this article about him and his fight to start a Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) at his junior high school in Bountiful, Utah. He cited my book on teen activism as an inspiration, which is so great to hear, that it is still having an impact. As the article notes, and I talk about this in the book, people are coming out at earlier and earlier ages, which makes them incredibly vulnerable to harassment and abuse.

86 percent of LGBT students in a 2007 national survey complained of being harassed at school and 60 percent said they felt unsafe there. The same survey found that 32 percent of LGBT students had missed a day of school in the past month because of feeling unsafe, compared to only 4 percent of students generally.

A Gay/Straight Alliance can go a long way to helping students get support and love they can’t get anywhere else.

Tomorrow James and his allies are making a push to creat Gay/Straight Alliances at high schools across Davis County. He asked me to share this message and help them get the word out, so I’m appealing to the Tumblr community and everyone else out there to repost and let this kids know we support them.

ok, so tomorrow we are going to try to start gsas though out Davis county. i am not completely sure how many schools are involved but i know that for sure we are going to fight the good fight and we will not stop until we get them at the schools and until our schools are safer for lgbtq youth. we will not stop until teachers, students and facility do not ignore us or bully us into submission.

we will speak when are right are taken no we will do more than that we will scream. we will scream until they can not ignore us anymore because we are fighting against fear bigotry blindness and predujcie. is our opponent strong yes, is he mighty yes. we are mightier we are stronger and we are by far more noble we are by far more brave. we will not let them be our oppresses anymore. we will resist. no lgbtq teenager will ever have to fear about weither they are safe going to school. they will not have to be alone.

for all you doubt us i say bring it on, bring on your money your hate and your take off your mask of protecting the family and know we are the family we are the burning fire that is love and you can not put us out. they will try to separate us from each other but we will not be disbanded because we have very guidance from the utah pride center and teacher who are dedicated to this cause and to there students and who will not stand by while they sink into loneliness and fear. we will hold hands we will be one voice and above all we will be one LIFE!!

Please call and voice your support for Gay/Straight Alliances!

The Davis County School District,. 801-402-5261

The District Superintendent’s Office: 801-402-5258

The Community Relations Dept: 801-402-5260.