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October 22nd, 2012

THE UNTITLED MAG WANTS YOU: What if feminism is a tool of consumerism and the patriarchy?

THE UNTITLED MAG WANTS YOU: What if feminism is a tool of consumerism and the patriarchy?:




A prof told me the other day that the title is what her partner thinks, that she is sure that feminism is simply an idea planted by the system to keep actual change from occuring. My prof expanded on it a bit, and I sat down and thought about it too, so heres a mix of our…

Yes but let’s keep in mind these criticisms of feminism have long been theorized by WOC since the 18th century with little regard from mainstream feminists …….. that there are COUNTLESS woc who have devoted their lives to making feminism a more inclusive space. In fact, here’s a crash course explaining how feminist theory in the past has dealt with these issues:


Feminism moves in between these branches (not a mutually exclusive list, just listed most prominently recognized theorists by each)in order to directly oppose mainstream feminist discourses loaded with eurocentrism, phallocentrism, orientalism, imperialism, racialized colonialism, capitalism (which goes hand in hand with feminist movements as commodification of a so called revolutionary struggle!), white supremacy, ethocentrism, transphobia, ableism and much much more:

1. post colonial theory-undoes the victimization discourse of western feminists/their metonymic blurring of different forms of oppression through an essentialist explanation

2. global feminism/”third world feminism”- disrupts idea that feminism is an inherently “western” ideology

3. Women of color feminism-emerged to counter cultural hegemony of white western feminism

  • black feminism-Audre Lorde, Combahee River Collective
  • Afrocentric feminism-Patricia McFadden
  • Chicana feminism-Anzuldua
  • womanism (check out Alice Walker and Layli Phillips to find out more why this isn’t a subcolumn or branch of feminism completely)

4. critical race theory-comes from radical POC law professors who acknowledge feminism’s lack of tools in making visible the ways racial supremacy is embedded in the law system. Check Kimberle Crenshaw, Barbara Smith, Patricia Hill Collins, Susan Schechter

5. Black nationalist feminism—opposes anti-blackness in feminist movements

  • Africana womanism (different from African feminism and womanism)
6. Feminist hermeneutics-analyzes religious studies as a source of feminist theory
7.Feminist Science studies—disrupts biological determinism. Check out Ruth Hubbard’s “Fact Making and Feminism” as an intro to why science needs to be included in discussions of feminist discipline
8. Queer theory-holy shit i can’t even start on the ways its disrupted mainstream feminism but HEY:

Flower crown feminism is in no way a reflection of  the deeply rooted radical work Women of color, transnational, zapatista, chicana, african-american, “third world” (global south), indigenous and native, queer, dis*abled and post-colonial feminisms have carved out.

When Ida B. Wells called out the racism of progressive feminist leaders in 1894 IE suffragist Frances Williard of Christian temperance union who publically represented black women voters as a threat to modern society, Wells was not about that “abandoning feminism” life

When Paula Gunn Allen pointed out that white American feminism ripped off gynocentric Iroquois nations, who held their own feminist rebellions as early and before the 1600’s, she wasn’t about that “abandoning feminism” life

 When Linda La Rue, the Combahee River Collective, Barbara Smith Claudia Jones, Audre Lorde and counless others called out the heterosexist, classist racist shitfield that was the women’s liberation movement, they weren’t abt that “abandoning feminism” life

When Beverly Guy Sheftall, Rudolph Byrd, and Johnetta B. Cole anthologize unpublished works of queer poc thinkers in I Am Your Sister, Still Brave, Traps,and Gender Talk, they aren’t about accepting white feminism as the dead-end truth. 


Instead let’s make this a fight to continue the legacy of these radical visionaries

in reclaiming our spaces,

reaffirming our rights to tell our own stories freely, to live in the security of our own bodies, and to rewrite histories of social movements that replicate hierarchy within.





October 14th, 2012

zorascreation: A portrait of my paternal grandmother. In 1949,…


A portrait of my paternal grandmother. In 1949, she was poisoned by a White woman in town because she “sassed” her. I don’t think people realize how White Supremacy has destroyed the lives of close personal family members. Of how it affects us all on a personal, human level, institutional ideas set aside. My father grew up without a mother because of White Supremacy. 

October 14th, 2012

this is so important

this is so important

October 14th, 2012

Boots Riley on Blac Bloc Tactics in Bay Area

Boots Riley on Blac Bloc Tactics in Bay Area:



In the wake of mass arrests during a Blac Bloc action on Saturday in San Francisco, Boots Riley, a revolutionary artist and Occupy activist, weighs in on the strategic wisdom of tactics being employed by Occupy Oakland and the use of Blac Bloc tactics in the Bay Area particularly. The following comment by Boots were posted on facebook.

“Most of the folks doing this don’t know anyone from Oakland, and- I believe- don’t plan on doing any sort of base building to find out where the pulse of the people actually are.”

So.  I mean, people often point to the window breaking as the issue.  That’s not it.  I mean, there’s local businesses that got fucked up, and that’s not cool, but that’s not the failure.

The failure is exactly what he’s saying in that sentence right there - there’s a group of activism tourists who roll through Oakland to do their rallies and shit, and often that ends up steamrolling or derailing what the actual people who are part of Oakland communities are doing.

For example, it’s no surprise to me that none of these Johnny-come-lately folks were there for the Terrance Williams support march in downtown Oakland…

And it says a lot when Oakland, often toted the child prostitution capital of the US has Occupy folks protesting a conference on ENDING child trafficking - claiming that it’s aimed at shaming sex work - as if you can compare sexual slavery to sex work by choice…

Meanwhile, the POC and the LGBT folks broke away from Occupy Oakland into Decolonize Oakland BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T GET THEIR VOICES HEARD IN GENERAL ASSEMBLIES.

When POC can’t get their voices heard IN OAKLAND, and LGBT folks can’t get their concerns addressed IN THE BAY, you know you’re fucking up.

This problem kicked off after Mehserle killed Oscar Grant - you had a LOT of Oakland folks roll out for that, and then the cameras arrived, and then all these other people who show up for the rallies but do nothing else for Oakland in between…  Since then, we’re the fucking activist Disneyland - come down, do a rally, smell some pepperspray, say you did your bit for the cause, and fuck the pigs.  Basically, you get to come to Oakland, break our shit, claim you’re helping us, and not there for the part after.

You could even tell who was on some bullshit by the graffiti - someone tagged, “Fear the Police” on the wall, clearly some white-ass “revolutionary” who a) doesn’t know what the fuck FTP means, and b) spraying the most obvious basic shit that is default for Oakland like “remember to breathe”.  When people started calling these folks on their bullshit, then we got all these flyers claiming that people were dismissing the voices of Oakland POC… except it was all written in othering 3rd person language… 

One of my friends saw some flyer for a “feminist take back the night” policing action.  Problem was it was posted up the night before the action.  By people who haven’t bothered to interact with the neighborhood.  When you got a bunch of white and white identifying POC rolling up in a neighborhood of POC claiming to be able to tell who’s trouble and who’s not?  Oh. Ok.

It’s not a matter of property damage/not property damage - it’s a matter of commitment and whether you’re here FOR OAKLAND or you’re just fucking passing through.  Gentrification works the same way - you’re here but you’re not here.  You don’t interact with the communities here - you supplant them.  

It always says everything to me that the idea of community improvement means replacing all the businesses, community centers and eventually, the people.

I mean, I guess that’s exactly what America is built on, but hardly anything revolutionary in that.

is blogging the ultimate activist tourism?

September 10th, 2012

What it’s like to move to New York City when you’re young and not rich


A few days ago, The New York Times published an article called “The Launching Pad,” about four new college graduates finding their first apartment in New York City. Each had a budget of $1000-2000, and “by coincidence, all four wound up in Manhattan, despite the fact that Brooklyn, and increasingly parts of Queens, attract great numbers of renters.” Although it’s clear that the methods used were hardly scientific, this is the kind of article that could give you the idea that you can’t move to New York if you’re not rich or don’t have a lucrative job lined up.

This is not the truth. I can’t speak to whether it’s a great idea to come here straight out of college, without prospects or savings. In fact, I can’t even say that it was the right choice for me, because, seven years later (and despite relative job security), my future still feels uncertain. That isn’t the point, though. The point is, you don’t need to have $1000 a month in rent money to live in New York as a 22-year-old, and it matters that young people realize this, or our already considerable “entitled asshole” population is going to take over the city. Very few people I know have arrived here with that kind of income. I don’t pay that much in rent now.

Here’s how I got to New York City: I graduated from college in Baltimore, where I lived in a house with five other people and paid less than $300 a month in rent. A few days later, half-exuberant but also half-paralyzed by the idea that our lives were very much on the record from now on, four of us packed everything we owned (pared down considerably in anticipation of how little space we’d have) into a Uhaul. It took forever to pack that truck, because we were trying to fit everyone’s bed, desk, dresser, etc. into a vehicle that was only supposed to fit the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. We left in the dark — me, my boyfriend, two other guys — waving to our friends who were still in town. A group of them sat on our stoop watching as we got ready to go. Hopefully my memory isn’t embellishing this, but I think I remember there were some tears. It wasn’t just about us leaving, it was about everyone’s lives changing at the exact same time.

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August 19th, 2012

karaj: (grrlmonster) giggling. 




August 15th, 2012

Feeling suicidal? Can’t talk on phones?



IMAlive is a live online network that uses instant messaging to respond to people in crisis. People need a safe place to go during moments of crisis and intense emotional pain.

Holy shit this is brilliant

I have a lot of feelings about suicide and talking about suicide and enablers and narcissists and my own role in all of the above, but they don’t belong on tumblr, they are why I go to meetings. This seems like a tremendous resource, I hope anyone in crisis uses it or other options, and gets to work. Remember that you can call or access most domestic violence/suicide/crisis hotlines to talk even if you aren’t the one in crisis. Dealing with a friend or loved one in those situations is fucking hard and most of us do not have the tools. You cannot love someone better.

August 7th, 2012

Few people are thinking about what black women and girls experience when the NYPD stops and frisk them. Few people are talking about how the police officers are often sexually assaulting, harassing, and intimidating our sisters

Few people are thinking about what black women and girls experience when the NYPD stops and frisk them. Few people are talking about how the police officers are often sexually assaulting, harassing, and intimidating our sisters
July 26th, 2012

This is intense and important.

This is intense and important.

July 20th, 2012

karaj: womanhouse: NYC COME 2 THIS IT’S GOING TO BE SO…




the theater only seats 50 people and it sold out last time so get there earlyyy

i hear the discussions following these screenings are really good. i think i’m going to speak specifically to how this art installation inspired womanhouse zine and zine culture.

this film is amazing. also: “screening followed by a CR-style discussion”?!