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July 29th, 2012

pussy riot: will vladimir putin regret taking on russia’s cool women punks?

pussy riot: will vladimir putin regret taking on russia's cool women punks?:



A: he’d better???

one time I went lake-swimming with some other grad students, including our department libertarian (i mean, there are a handful, but he’s the main one) and he was talking about how mel gibson is great and the epitome of manhood and whatever and I was like “that’s nice HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD OF PUSSY RIOT THOUGH?” and then i made everyone listen to me talk about pussy riot for like half an hour

I’m super into this strategy with squares. If people start talking about Girls, I launch into a discussion of AI and how you can break a robot’s heart, etc.

Note: tumblr keeps taking my notes out of reblogs and I have to then edit and re-add it, is that happening to other people?

July 10th, 2012

not me: Have you read <new book>?

not me: Have you read ?
me: What? I've never heard of it.
not me: How about ?
me: What?
not me: What are you reading, then?
me: Woman, I Am by Helen Reddy and With the Weathermen by Susan Stern.
not me: Do you ever read anything that isn't feminist literature?
me: What?