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March 23rd, 2013

Miss Marple

Miss Marple

November 9th, 2012

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Marsha P. Johnson

Pronouns: She/her

  1. This pioneer was a notable transgender rights activist and popular figure in New York City’s gay and art scene, as well as one of the city’s best known trans women of the times. She was a leader in clashes with the police amid the Stonewall Riots.
  2. She was a co-founder, along with Sylvia Rivera, of Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.) in the 1970s, and also the “mother” of S.T.A.R. House along with Sylvia, getting together food and clothing to help support the young trans women living in the house on the lower East Side of New York.
  3. Once, appearing in a court the judge asked Marsha, “What does the ‘P’ stand for?”, Johnson gave her customary response “Pay it No Mind.” This phrase became her trademark.
  4. In July 1992, her body was found floating in the Hudson River, shortly after the 1992 Pride March. Police ruled the death a suicide, but her friends and supporters denied this, and a people’s postering campaign later declared that Johnson had earlier been harassed near the spot where her body was found. Attempts to get the police to investigate the cause of death were unsuccessful.

What a gorgeous lady! I love her dress too<—I know NOT THE POINT but want to just honor that part of her.

June 25th, 2012

bklynboihood: In 2004, lesbian activist FannyAnn Eddy was…


In 2004, lesbian activist FannyAnn Eddy was brutally murdered in Sierra Leone in her office building a few months after returning from a meeting with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The details surrounding her death are horrific: evidence revealed that her throat was cut, her tongue and eyes were removed and she was raped. Although the motives of Eddy’s assailant(s) are sketchy, her untimely death shook the African LGBT community, and left her partner and son without a spouse and mother. 

June 17th, 2012

shadesoffantasy: dynamicafrica: JUNE 16TH 1976,…




Antoinette Sithole and Mbuyisa Makhubo carrying and 12-year-old Hector Pieterson moments after he was shot by South African police during a peaceful student demonstration in Soweto, South Africa

Photograph taken by Sam Nzima.

the more things change …

May 5th, 2012

nuditea: all i really want from my life is a legitimate reason to pin a bunch of photos and…


all i really want from my life is a legitimate reason to pin a bunch of photos and newspaper fragments on a huge cork board and connect them with long strings of yarn


May 2nd, 2012