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October 6th, 2010

A Feminist In The Family. The Partridge Family.

I literally just rocked back and forth at my desk saying “Oh my God” while watching this.

It is especially intense because just this morning I was reading about The New Harmony Sisterhood Band who did in fact create a Women’s Songbook which is available on Amazon. I KNOW! I AM BASICALLY DEAD FROM THE FANTASTICALNESS.

The introduction by Martha Deihl, a member of the band, says:

I am firmly convinced that women’s culture is revolutionary.

It was published by Diana Press on January 1st, 1976. ALL CAPS AGAIN.

Kendall Hale, another band member, wrote in her memoir that:

“I was constantly preaching to my band sisters: “We’ve got to sing about the oppression of poor and minority women too, not just privileged, white feminists like ourselves.” I wrote about capitalism and imperialism in songs about my jobs, union organizing, black women’s battles, Puerto Rican freedom fighters and other issues new to the white middle class women’s movement.”

“Within a couple of years, we created and arranged a song list linking historical figures like labor organizer Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and pilot Amelia Earhart to the most burning social/political issues of our day.”

Also: Hale, who says she was the only straight woman in the group, was working as a welder by day and then going home to her feminist singing group at night. IT IS LIKE AN ECLIPSE UNTO ME. Someday finding these nuggets of revolution won’t be as exciting but for now, I enjoy the marvelment.

The other completely awesome thing is that this originally posted on Kathleen’s blog at 2:30 am.