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January 10th, 2012

deadhorsebrooklyn: Taxidermy…


Taxidermy dioramas!




Welcome to the cockeyed world of artist-photographer Lori Nix, as she takes us behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum. Nix’s diminutive dioramas unfold as microcosms—where the world of science collides with an overactive imagination, with amusing results. Nix fabricates these elaborate miniature scenes in her Brooklyn studio, forgoing any kind of digital intervention. Nix: “I’m greatly enamored with the Natural History Museum, and visit it as often as I can. My series Unnatural History is a look at the inner workings of the museum. The images feature animals and situations where the science and/or facts they represent are a little confused.” 

Description from Rebecca Horne’s (rather excellent) Discover magazine blog “Visual Science”

These are great!  And now I want to be friends with both Lori Nix and Rebecca Horne.

I know these aren’t exactly what the blog’s about, but they’re too cool to pass up! Read the entire article over at Discover Magazine.