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June 10th, 2012



After the show tonight, we (me, Chris, Kenny, Kyrt, Dan, Nate, and some new guy whose name I can’t recall) came up with the perfect scheme to save The Bel-Tower: get every dude in the scene to (at least attempt to) donate sperm and put their earnings towards the venue.

We got all stoked and posted about it on Facebook and people are acting like it’s really weird and pathetic. But let’s be real, we’re super broke (in debt, really), and no one’s had any better ideas. Plus, all anyone’s good at is jacking off, and we might as well put that skill to use somehow.

One of my best zingers of the night: “There’s nothing more DIY than masturbation.”

THIS IS THE MOST BRILLIANT PUNK ROCK IDEA IN THE WORLD. Plus think of all the unsuspecting yuppies who procure punker seed! If only all ejaculations had a market value.