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July 2nd, 2012

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so one of many things in the current budget is: the experimental lakes area is being cut. it’s a site in northern ontario where basically a bunch of lakes are isolated from each other, letting us manipulate whole ecosystems. probably the most famous project was a late 60s/early 70s experiment where they added different combos of nutrients and decided that Phosphorus Caused Eutrophication. the actual story’s more complicated but the above photo was convincing so anyway. one of the labs at my uni is really screwed over by the announcement and there was a petition floating around today and yes, i signed it, but —

this entire approach to ecological research is so fucking arrogant that i’m kind of okay re: it closing, maybe? there is something both awesome and DEEPLY TROUBLING about dumping acids or metals into a lake so we can quantify how deformed the fish get. anyway if i thought this/any petition would have some sort of impact then i would probably be debating whether to cross my name out.

so thanks, representative democracy, for sparing me this particular dilemma.

v. relevant

(discreteness of lakes)

(lake thoughts//lake feels)

in my ecology seminar last semester we were doing an exercise where we were in small groups and given an “unlimited budget” and told to think up experiments to study aquatic biodiversity or some shit

and we were all “well we would take sediment cores and measure whatever and count fish whatever” 

and the prof at the end of it was disappointed in us, because no one had thought of crazy/large scale things like “put netting over one of the lakes to keep birds away and see what happens” or “acidify one of the lakes and see what happens”


This might be the best SCIENCE post ever, it both baffles and amazes me. I went to a spa in Dubai that was all an entire fake lake and a little boat took you to your private little island where they do spa things to you and then the boat takes you back. I had just come from Turkish Kurdistan it was weird.