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January 7th, 2012

 1971, Nancy Spero to Lucy Lippard

 1971, Nancy Spero to Lucy Lippard

September 29th, 2010


“Aesthetic Sister” reminded me of my note on the Carolee Schneeman piece at MoMA, which reads, “Lisa Suckdog.”


Bonus info! Tomorrow I am rejiggering how my Twitter and Tumblr and blog interact with one another. It will be very exciting. Also I am taking my cat to the vet and writing a story about superheroes and launching a fund drive for the Sarah grant. And working out. This is reminding me of the note I saw next to the receptionist’s desk at one of the doctor app’ts I had today which said:

Check Bathroom Supplies

Water Plants

Stay Organized

So I will do those things as well, and strive to be a good person the whole day through.