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August 30th, 2012

things i learned while driving to and from trader joe’s in forest hills + checking my ego + ice cream


1) honking at people who casually walk into the middle of the road (city life) does not have the same effect as honking at deer who casually walk into the middle of the road (country life) because they don’t run away and instead get mad and gesture at me and OK DUDE BUT YOU’RE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GODDAMN STREET

2) pumps (strip club) is fascinatingly close to my apartment

3) television’s marquee moon is an excellent driving record

and on a related note, because i do some of my best thinking while driving aimlessly or while i’m supposed to be working, as stressful and terrifying and upsetting as these past couple of weeks have been, i’m finding grace in all of it. i’m letting go and acknowledging that no, it’s not all about me, and yes, there are some things i will never understand because i am a white woman who grew up in an upper middle-class home. the process of actually confronting and accepting my privilege has been a giant ego check. one thing about getting sober is you tend to get a little too confident in your natural tendency to be a good person because hey, you’re not doing awful shit in blackouts anymore. doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth. and though i’m not sure everyone will understand each other in the end, goddammit, i’m going to try. my friends and my feminism and my community mean the world to me. at the same time, gotta keep my side of the street clean. i actually thought about googling “AA for activists” to see if that’s A Thing. tonight a girl shared and she was so fucking honest i started crying listening to her. that’s been happening a lot lately. you can just feel the warmth and gratitude in the room. i offered to become the new chair of this meeting because it is all female, right by my apartment, and life-changing every time i go. so now i have to go. so there, heidi. 

anyway. one day at a time. oh, and ice cream.

 Have I mentioned I love Heidi? I call her HDVDL in my head.

April 10th, 2012

"..But when you say “relief,” there is no relief from racism. At the Modern Languages Association…"

“..But when you say “relief,” there is no relief from racism. At the Modern Languages Association meeting in December there was a workshop on my work. A brilliant woman kept referring to my work as [Adrienne] Rich’s. Another woman talked about my work from This Bridge and then talked of how happy she was to see the writing of Third World lesbian feminists in This Bridge. One of the reasons she was so happy was because it, quote, “softened the blackness.” She said this in a room of 250 people, most of whom were women. I was sitting there thinking: “no, she can’t be saying this. I must be hallucinating.” But I wasn’t. What she was saying was that she’d always really been frightened by black anger, black women’s anger, and now she could think of racism not having to deal with blackness; she could think of racism as dealing with Chicana women, Latina women, right? “Soften the BLACKNESS’.” Now, do you want to talk about racism in the women’s movement?”


Audre Lorde (1982) ‘Audre Lorde: Lit From Within’ interviewed by Fran Moira and Lorraine Sorrel, Off Our Backs: A Women’s Newsjournal, p. 3. (via james-bliss)