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August 22nd, 2013

Selena discussing the focus on appearance and the sexual…

Selena discussing the focus on appearance and the sexual objectification of women in Hollywood

August 11th, 2013

foreverqueird: Because You’re Brown Honey Gurl | Janani…


Because You’re Brown Honey Gurl | Janani Balasubramanian - “Trans/national” (by DailyPrincetonian)

Janani talking about being a trans masculine person of color.  Fucking incredible.

August 11th, 2013

brownfemipower: i can tell you right now what is going to happen. the tweets/posts noticing the…


i can tell you right now what is going to happen. the tweets/posts noticing the silence of particular white feminists/institutions will eventually grow enough that those feminists/institutions will realize they can’t NOT say something.

so they will say something. who knows what. but probably something like “we’ll take down all his posts, we’re appalled, we’re sorry.” that sort of thing.

and then the narrative will shift from “i notice they’re not saying anything, why aren’t they saying anything?” to ‘but they SAID something—WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?????” and again, it will be OUR fault/problem for not just letting it go.

this has happened before. and will happen again. 

August 4th, 2013

Group Lynching Is Reenacted Every Year in Georgia

Group Lynching Is Reenacted Every Year in Georgia:

Every year, for the past seven years, a group of historical actors and justice seekers reenact the lynching deaths of two black women and two black men in Monroe, Georgia.

No one was ever prosecuted for the killings which occurred 67 years ago in late July, in large part due to lack of witnesses willing to speak out against the killers. For that reason, organizers — known as the Moore’s Ford Memorial Committee — see the event as a “call for justice” as well as a reminder of America’s sordid racial history. Leaders of the committee, like civil rights activist Bobby Howard, believe that at least one of the lynching suspects is still alive in the town.

"We know that one of those people involved in the lynching is still alive," Howard, the narrator of the event, said to the gathering before the reenactment began last year. “We’re going to motorcade through there real slow, to let them know, we know who they are and we’re still watching you.”

The group acts out the killings every year on the Moore’s Ford bridge about 40 miles east of Atlanta, based on what is known of the gruesome events:

Rumors that George Dorsey, a black man who fought in World War II, was secretly dating a white woman in town, prompted a white mob to round up Dorsey and his wife Mae Murray Dorsey, who was seven months pregnant on July 15, 1946. In addition, the mob, led by the Ku Klux Klan, kidnapped Roger Malcolm, who allegedly stabbed a white farmer during a knife fight 11 days earlier along with his wife Dorothy Malcom. The two couples were then dragged from a vehicle, and tied to trees. Afterwards, using rifles and shotguns, the mob fired dozens of bullets into their bodies, leaving them at the Moore’s Ford bridge.

Videos of the reenactment are surely difficult to watch, with local white residents playing Klansmen and black residents playing the victims. While the biracial group of actors lacks period costumes and professional training, unlike most reenactments, this display is about more than just historical authenticity.

"What is happening at Moore’s Creek… falls outside of the normal categories [of historical reenactment]—it is reenactment as a political act," noted public historian Larry Cebula at the Eastern Washington University.

"This is historical reenactment as protest. The reenactors are not only seeking recognition of what happened, they are demanding justice."

August 3rd, 2013




July 23rd, 2013

penthesileas: HISTORY MEME – six women: bessie coleman…


HISTORY MEME - six women: bessie coleman [4/6]

Bessie Coleman was an American civil aviator, the first female pilot of African American descent, and the first person of African American descent to have an international pilot license. She was born in 1892 in Texas, the tenth of thirteen children, and in school showed herself to be a lover of reading and mathematics. She enrolled in what is now Langston College in Oklahoma, but was forced to return home due to lack of funds. At 23, she moved to Chicago, where she heard stories from returning World War I pilots about flying during the war. Due to her race and gender, however, despite herr interest in aviation, no American flight school or aviator would train her. Determined to become an aviator, Bessie went to France in 1920 and, a year later, earned her aviation license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, becoming the first American of any gender to receive a license from that organization. She trained as a “barnstorming" stunt flier in order to make a living. Known as “Queen Bess," she was well-known for her daredevil maneuvers, though her flamboyant style was often criticized by the press. Though offered a role in a film, when she learned that her first scene would show her in tattered clothes with a walking stick and pack, she walked off set  rather than perpetuate the derogatory image of African Americans. In 1926, in preparation for an air show, her plane failed to pull out of a dive and began to spin, causing Bessie to be thrown from the plane, 2,000 miles above the ground, killing her instantly. She was 34 years old. (x)

July 14th, 2013

"My heart actually goes out to Trayvon’s mom for being…

"My heart actually goes out to Trayvon’s mom for being stripped of her right to parent her child in a safe community. 10h

July 14th, 2013

so-treu: Michael Jackson, “They Don’t Really Care About…


Michael Jackson, “They Don’t Really Care About Us"

"bang bang, shot dead/everybody’s gone bad"

July 14th, 2013

so-treu: Sarah Jones, “Blood" it is the thickest blood on this…


Sarah Jones, “Blood"

it is the thickest blood on this planet
the feet that slip
that slide in spilled lakes of black blood
on back roads marked with rusted dead-end signs
they don’t fit into any shoes
not Nikes
not Reeboks
they make them in sweat shops across the sea
turn around and sell them right back to you
and you
and me
for fifty times their value
but none of them can hold the blood
that coagulated not-so-long ago
in the lower extremities
of brown-skinned corpses strung up from trees
like drying figs
or hanging potpourri
to sweeten scenes of Southern gallantry

before cushioned insoles and arch supports
there were feet that sank in rusted chains
backs that cracked beneath the weight of slave names
like Jones, Smith, Johnson, Williams, or even
black butts that bore marks forever
from irons that preceded those for
pressing and curling naps yanked straight
before relaxers, weaves, pink lotion
talkin’ ‘bout branding irons, son
now that you’ve crossed the ocean, right
step up here, little nigger, on the auction block
open up that mouth—yes, nice strong teeth
nice muscle tone, a fine specimen
you must be worth at least ten dollars, maybe more
see here, ladies and gentlemen, how much can I get for
this here barely used, top of the line
fast forward that shit to Calvin Klein
and modern ownership tags for black behinds
courtesy of Ralph Lauren
well how low can ya go
call on black consumers if you want the cash flow
‘cause they quick to flip and spend up all they dough
don’t front money, act like you know
we give it up to the Brooklyn malls
we give it up to the Uptown malls
‘cause the white folks figure
ain’t no questions for a nigger
that material possessions can’t answer
we’ll stay preoccupied with what we wear and what we drive
while our mothers are dying of cancer
we’ll tuck our low self-esteem into some Eurotrash jeans
some overpriced shit from Donna Karan
then we’ll toast with Hennessy
to covert white supremecy
hiding the thickest blood on this planet
we wearin’ it
under our clothes
the way God dressed our souls
it is the thickest blood on this planet
the blood that sprays and spills in buckets
soaks and stains the nightly news
but fuck it, a colored life still ain’t worth but a few ducats
that blood can’t be contained by any mind that cannot see
a great black forest for all these cracker trees
afroMadonna and child
and child
and child
and (woops) there goes another one
‘cause nowadays mamas don’t know the answers
so babies gots ta’
say youngblood, you wanna tell me what Georges Marciano
ever did for a black man, boricua, chicano
brothers and sisters
their pockets like blood blisters
ready to pop, ooze and drop cash
so hot and so fast it makes a spark
and our children say,
yeah, Mami, now I got my upside down triangle
my designer question mark

why ask why it doesn’t make you complete
it’s vanilla concealer for your chocolate heartbeat
pumping the thickest blood on this planet
while we all take it for granted that
more Selma churches won’t be bombed
more bullet riddled bodies won’t be embalmed
another cop won’t commit murder, turn around and get a raise
while we’re picking over the racks
from white-owned Dr. Jays to Modell’s/Barney’s/Macy’s/Saks
they just think we ain’t never gonnna change our ways
‘cause then we might finally taste the blood of rage
at the back of our throats
and answer Massa back
Nawsuh, I’se don’t want to wear yo’ britches
Nawsuh, I’se don’t want to grant yo’ wishes
that all us negroes should continue to hide
in your shoes and your clothes as if we should take pride
in your savage traditions
mass genocide
all the spirits you extinguished
never batted one blue eye
yet you’re vultures on our culture like white on brown rice
leech our blood, then sell it back
brown, yellow, black
special price

it is the blood that races through the African veins of the child
on his way to the mall in White Plains
to catch a confused-lost-land-stealing Columbus-
day sale
on a Fila jogging suit for his brother in jail
that blood is my blood
your blood
our blood
the thickest blood on this planet

July 14th, 2013

shardelomax: "Mystery of Iniquity"-Lauryn Hill "Ya’ll can’t…


"Mystery of Iniquity"-Lauryn Hill

"Ya’ll can’t handle the truth in a courtroom of lies
Perjures the jurors
Witness despised
Crooked lawyers
Its entertainment…the arraignments"

This song is our corrupt justice system in five minutes. Lauryn Hills has always been the truth. just listen to the lyrics. These people can do anything through bribery and threats.