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October 9th, 2012

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During the first season or two of Roseanne, Roseanne Barr was treated horribly by the producers, who wanted to get rid of her, even though she was the creative genius behind the show, which was based entirely on characters she had developed. She went with “success is the best revenge,” working extra hard to make sure the show hit the #1 spot, knowing at that point she could seize creative control. She hung out with the crew and supportive castmembers (including John Goodman, who flat refused to do the show without her), and put a list on her door. That list had the name of every single person who worked on the show. When they pissed her off, she’d cross off their name in red. Everyone in red was to be fired the second she was in charge. She took this policy from Machiavelli, and she made good on it. Her first move was to fire everyone who had tried to shut her down. She also promoted a number of women writers and fired a number of men writers for being sexist. So, this shirt is no lie.

The continuation to this story is that those writers got picked up for Home Improvement. Which makes total sense.

Tool Time, indeed.

She got SO much flak for firing all the writers. Firing men! She did an awesome interview on Donahue (shut up) and it was like

“So you fired all your writers.”


“It can be hard in the creative world, when there is a team, to be able to tell who is doing a good job and who isn’t.”

“Well I happen to be able to tell.”

August 23rd, 2011

"When someone works for less pay than she can live on…she has made a great sacrifice for you…The…"

“When someone works for less pay than she can live on…she has made a great sacrifice for you…The ‘working poor’…are in fact the major philanthropists of our society. They neglect their own children so that the children of others will be cared for; they live in substandard housing so that other homes will be shiny and perfect; they endure privation so that inflation will be low and stock prices high. To be a member of the working poor is to be an anonymous donor, a nameless benefactor, to everyone.”


Barbara Ehrenreich’s  Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America (via squeetothegee)

Fuck yes.