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October 5th, 2012

Jackie and me

me: I found your zine from 1992 and reread it today! IT IS STILL GENIUS.
not me: OMG will you scan it and send it to me? What are you doing now?
me: I am working on a book about Valerie Solanas. What are you doing?
not me: I am writing for Joan Rivers and Roseanne!
me: We totally grew up to be exactly who we are supposed to be, wow.
October 3rd, 2012

sadgirlsnyc: Sad Girls issue 1.


Sad Girls issue 1.

September 17th, 2012

handgrenade2: queerinsurrection: hoaxzine: verbalprivilege: f…







BIG PHOTOSETS FOREVER FOR THEY ARE MUCH HARDER TO IGNORE / a lot of these don’t have hi-res versions available, but i still want to post them

This was not an exaggeration. The government ignored the issue of HIV/AIDS for years before anything was done. Gay and Queer communities had to form their own clinics because no government agencies cared for them. Back then, being diagnosed was equivalent to a death sentence or extreme debt and poor quality of life/a significantly shortened lifespan.

Things got so desperate that people literally had “Die-Ins”— in contemporary usage this refers to masses of people simulating death in order to protest something (like the War in Iraq). In this case, however, fatally sick people would literally lie down in public places and protest with what little energy they had left until they died. There is some footage of a church Die-In in the documentary Beyond Stonewall.  The middle image here of that person’s jacket is not an extreme political statement; it’s what people had to do because they had no other options.


never forget

Folks also dropped their loved ones cremated ashes on the White House lawn multiple times.  Bash Back also simulated die-ins at churches using chicken blood.  Intense performative and affective tactics.

Everyone should read “Moving Politics” by Debbie Gould.

The struggle of queers at the height of the AIDS crisis was so powerful that I’m disgusted that so many people don’t know about it/forgot about it.

I have a box of HIV/AIDS zines from This Time that I’m giving to Fales. They are amazing—one of them, Diseased Pariah News even had a flexi-disc! Never forget.

September 12th, 2012

sonnywithano: Cristy!!! <3 Wah, do you know Christy? There…


Cristy!!! <3

Wah, do you know Christy? There are plans, everyone knows everyone, good good.

September 3rd, 2012

mendmydresspress: Shotgun Seamstress Zine Anthology will be…


Shotgun Seamstress Zine Anthology will be available to order in late September, and can also be picked up at the POC Zine Project tour.

Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection (six zines by & for Black punks) will include all the issues of Osa Atoe’s zine, which includes a ton of interviews, reviews, and so much more! We are extremely proud to help put out this book, and we hope you are equally as excited to read it.

August 23rd, 2012


August 11th, 2012

katewadkins: READ #ZINES NOT #BLOGS. #Latergram of the “Fold,…


READ #ZINES NOT #BLOGS. #Latergram of the “Fold, Staple, Share” show. (Taken with Instagram at Brooklyn College Library)


August 3rd, 2012

beautone: Third World Women’s Alliance Triple Jeopardy (Cover…


Third World Women’s Alliance Triple Jeopardy (Cover 1971)

July 23rd, 2012

gotagirlcrush: Got A Girl Crush On: Feminist Zine, Shocking…


Got A Girl Crush On: Feminist Zine, Shocking Pink


Shocking Pink was a feminist zine put out by a collective of young women in London, including Katy Watson who died in 2008. As the organiser of last year’s Women’s Library described it ‘Shocking Pink, which ran from the late 1980s to early 1990s, billed itself as a “radical magazine for young women”. Part magazine with serious political coverage, part school-club magazine (if your classmates were hot-headed, deliciously witty, rebel grrrls) this magazine pre-dated riot grrrl zines with its fusion of sass, cultural appropriation and sprawling biro-made doodles all over the margins and type face’.

.pdfs of all the Shocking Pinks available here!

July 6th, 2012

crankyskirt: by Alex Wrekk at Stolen Sharpie Revolution 31…


by Alex Wrekk at Stolen Sharpie Revolution

31 Days of International Zine Month
July 2012

play along at home!

  1. Sign up on and write about IZM
  2. Zine Distro appreciation day.
  3. Organize your zine collection
  4. Teach yourself a new skill: how to make a one page zine, a new binding technique, photocopier art, etc.
  5. Check out a different type of zine than you normal. (sic)
  6. Re-read your favorite zines! We all have our favorites, why not sit down and read them again.
  7. Zine reading day! Host, attend, or read at a zine reading. No zine readings around you? Read out loud to your pet!
  8. Try something new day. If you draw comics, try writing a personal story. If you write fiction, try non-fiction. If you write poetry, try drawing comics.
  9. Buy stamps, buy or make envelopes or postcards.
  10. Write a letter to a zine creator
  11. Create a care package to send to a zine friend
  12. make some mail art!
  13. Send yuor zine out to be reviewed.
  14. ValenZine’s Day Write your zine crush (we know you have one!), or write to about your zine crush
  15. make plans to make a split zine with someone
  16. Leave a zine in a public place for someone to find.
  17. Teach a friend or family member about zines.
  18. Send your zine to a zine library.
  19. make a zine flyer to send out with your orders and to trade wth other zines.
  20. Host a zine workshop or zine party at a local library or community center.
  21. International Zine Library Day! Visit your local zine library!
  22. Check out! Add your zine or edit an entry.
  23. Zine Trade Day! ask someone if they would like to trade zines
  24. Send your zine to a distro for consideration
  25. Order from a different zine distro than your normally order.
  26. Review a zine in your zine, on your blog, or on facebook.
  27. Look into consigning your zine at a shop that sells zines.
  28. Free Zine day! Give a zine away!
  29. organize a zine event, even if it is a small one.
  30. Zine shop appreciation day.
  31. Take a photo of you with your zine (extra credit if you post it online)


  • Read a zine everyday
  • take part in the 24 hour Zine thing:
  • draw a comic everyday and release a diary comic at the end!